10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. This US presidential debate is kind of a big deal. You’d have to try hard to miss it – from 11am, just about every social media site will be broadcasting and pointing to broadcasts, and even Channel 7 has joined SBS and ABC News 24 on the free-to-air coverage. It’s fairly obvious the debate is Hillary Clinton’s to lose. Donald Trump has annihilated her lead in the polls in recent weeks and is actually ahead on the latest from Bloomberg. But in a live debate, here is one trap that Trump has to be wary of, and here is one great line he can use against Clinton.

But more importantly, because we’re Business Insider, here are three recommendations for how you should handle your investments to prepare for either outcome between now and election day, according to Goldman Sachs.

2. Markets kept on keeping on, and were more interested in Europe’s banking troubles and ignoring a big surge in oil. SPI 200 traders have marked down the December contract by 42 points suggesting stocks will be sharply lower at the open. The Aussie is a little higher and waiting on the US debate for what Richard Grace, chief currency strategist at the Commonwealth Bank, believes will spark a “mild amount of volatility in the markets”.

3. BI’s Amanda Macias spent a day with the people who fly and fix the F-35 and found out why they think it’s going to rule the skies for a large chunk of our lifetime. Which was fascinating, but all she really wanted to do was wear this:

Hey gorgeous

Here’s why she said there’s nothing quite like it.

4. You need a holiday. And, if SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas is right, your boss needs you to take a holiday. Douglas wants his employees out and drinking head-sized cocktails by the pool so much, he gives them $2000 to make it happen. He reckons he gets more out of them when they return recharged, and only two of his 250 employees have left in five years for work-related reasons. And here’s how one woman who has traveled every 6 weeks of her professional life made it possible.

5. If you’re looking for that kind of employer, here’s what to do with your hands during a job interview, the one question you should never ask at the end of a job interview, and 9 ridiculous things to not put on your resumé, which real people actually have. And here’s HSBC’s rap video for graduate recruits, which is probably less awful than you hoped it might be:

6. NASA thinks its Hubble telescope might have spotted a water plume erupting from Jupiter’s moon Europa. That suddenly makes it a hot target in our search for alien life. But why bother searching for interplanetary life when we can make it ourselves? Elon Musk is preparing to tell us tomorrow how he’ll do that, but for today’s teaser, he’s showing off the first photo of his “Interplanetary Transport System” — a powerful rocket engine dubbed Raptor:

7. Congratulations, Patrick Dangerfield, for being named the AFL’s best and fairest player in 2016. Congratulations ladies, for all your beautiful frockery. And congratulations AFL laboratory scientists, for creating this guard to look after the Brownlow Medal votes:

8. You’ve probably already had enough politics for one day. But here’s a moment – another moment – from the wonderful circus known as “British Labour” right now. Two days ago, Jeremy Corbyn won the second vote in a year to keep him in as leader. Then, at a conference following the vote, Corbyn supporter – and most suitable challenger – Clive Lewis, was set to say Labour “would not seek to change” its support for the renewal of the Trident nuclear deterrent system. Literally, seconds before Lewis was ready to speak, Guardian journalist Corbyn’s press officer, Seumas Milne, cut the line from the script altogether. And here’s the moment Lewis got the post-note telling him his agreed wording with Corbyn had been over-ruled:

Walls were punched afterwards,

9. Kids all over have swamped Pottermore to find out what their Patronuses are. And within days, Pottermore editors have come up with the official Twitter stance on what to say to kids from all over who are crying because they got a rat.

10. Australians embracing technology as a means to make themselves employable has turned its class system upside-down, according to the folks at Real Insurance. Instead of working, middle and upper, we now have four classes – Startup Stars, Gen 2.0s, Gestaters and Sloggers. One of them is is a very precarious position and one of them is riddled with a horrible new type of snob.

Have a great day.