10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. No, this is disruption – paying a $2 per ride surcharge on taxi fares in Victoria for the next eight years. It’s due to a $378 million compensation package taxpayers have to cough up for in order to get ride-sharing properly under way. In NSW, it’s $250 million. In fact, all states have some form of payout to handle. Wow. So it’s only fair that Paul Colgan takes a look at these other lines of business whose industries have been upended by globally disruptive players who might well wonder where their handout is. Why the special treatment for the tax lobbyists?

2. Well, this is awkward. Last week, The Guardian published a clip of UK Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn “forced to sit” on the floor of an apparently packed Virgin train. Except overnight, Richard Branson released CCTV pics and says he has footage of Corbyn walking past empty seats, sitting on the floor in a packed carriage for the video, then taking a seat on coach H once the filming was done.

3. As a child, Federal MP Anthony Albanese was told that his mother Mary had met and married his father while travelling overseas, but he died in a car accident. When he was in his mid-teens, Mary told him the truth: his father might still be alive, and they didn’t marry because he was already betrothed to someone in Italy. Albanese just kept it under his hat for 30 years, but when his own son, Nathan, asked “where’s your Daddy?” while visiting Mary’s grave, he thought it was time to act. This is the story of how Albo found his dad, and it’s amazing.

4. It’s been another day of tiny moves – apart from crude. But that could all be about to change, because BAML’s currency and rates strategists say it could blow up spectacularly. Here’s why. On the local, Futures are up 37 points (+0.67%) and traders are looking to build on breaking through the 5550 barrier on the ASX 200 index yesterday. The Australian dollar continues to drift above 76 cents and iron ore is up again but the rally’s days may be numbered.

5. It’s been a big morning in drones already. BI UK’s Sam Shead set out into the English countryside to find Amazon’s secret drone testing site – and did. The company should have set up in Tasmania instead. An Aussie team which wants to race giant drones which can hit 200km/h and lift 300kg secretly tested a prototype on a farm there recently. We have the video.

(Note – almost secretly. We were there, it was awesome and we’ll bring you the full story soon.)

6. China has opened the world’s highest and longest glass floor bridge, and it’s every bit as terrifying as you’d imagine. But to allay any fears, they’re only allowing 8000 people a day on it, and invited journalists to hit it with a sledgehammer at a recent open day. We’re not sure if that was a success or not:

7. Hate autoplay videos in your Facebook news feed? Then look away now while Facebook confirms with Business Insider that, as first reported by Mashable, the social network is testing how Australians feel about having the sound automatically on as well. Ugh.

8. Kimbal Musk is growing lettuce in shipping containers. His brother just rolled out a massive new battery which will give the Model S a massive 506km range. Oh, and boost its 0-100km/h to 2.5 seconds, making it the world’s third fastest production car. A good day for the Musk family.

9. It’s important to get your hair right. And these days, it seems any spotty herbert with a waxed moustache can fly through barber school in a week. But there are definitely excellent ones, and here are four ways to know if you’re in good hands – before the damage is done.

10. Watch hundreds of people stampede Taiwan’s capital to catch a rare ‘Pokémon Go’ monster. You won’t regret it.

BONUS ITEM: When you’re so cool with big seas destroying your ship, you hang out on deck to watch thousands of tonnes of cargo go over the side, for the clicks:

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