10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Shocked, I tell you. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. That killer thunderstorm which hit Melbourne just claimed another victim. A father-of-two is believed to be the fourth person to have died in the early hours of Tuesday after suffering a massive asthma attack. Victoria’s health minister has ordered a review into the response to the mass asthma event which saw almost 1900 calls for ambulances in five hours.

2. Star Trek happens. BI’s Erin Brodwin took a breather from Trump news last night to catch up on a classic episode of The Next Generation. And was still reminded of the Trump proposal which troubled her most. Meanwhile, Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon who ran for president then said he wasn’t experienced in government enough to join Trump’s team, looks like he might be joining Trump’s team.

3. It’s no secret that the US has an inequality problem. But that doesn’t make this chart any less shocking:

4. All those rich peeps getting richer are clearly looking forward to Trumponomics driving growth and inflation. US stocks are still holding up – although Bob Bryan says that is absolutely not because The Donald made America great again. And the US dollar is surging – happy Thanksgiving. Back here, the ASX is enjoying a mini rally and SPI futures are largely unchanged.

5. Does your iPhone have “touch disease”? Out of its one-year warranty? Then Apple would prefer to think that it’s not responding because you’re clumsy and keep dropping it. Ka-ching! That’s $228.95 for repairs, thanks. But NSW Fair Trading says Australian Consumer Law doesn’t recognise manufacturer’s warranties and if your iPhone is not of “acceptable quality”, then Apple has to fix it – for free.

6. And fix it you should – because YOU CAN FINALLY PLAY SOLITAIRE ON IT. But more importantly, Microsoft has also released this very readbale report after it spent two months finding out how 30 Australian business leaders are winning with their digital transformations.

7. The ARIAs are still going! They turned 30 last night and The Veronicas even managed to get them on the front pages by wearing red glitter:

On national television, of all places! All the Twitters melted:

But the winner was Swedish singer Tove Lo:

News.com.au has all the fashions.

8. Russia. This year we’ve seen it recall embassy staff from all over the world, stockpile gold, unveil a nuke capable of wiping out NSW, deploy missiles capable of carrying it to its northern European enclave Kaliningrad, allegedly attempt to engineer the US elections, and launch a $350 billion spending spree on upgrading its military. So now’s a good time to think long and hard about why Putin’s Russia hates the US so much, like former US National Security Agency analyst and counterintelligence officer John R. Schindler just did here.

(Here’s the updated list of 10 Putin critics who wound up dead.)

9. Days when you hate being CEO, bitch. Mark Zuckerberg ran a lengthy post updating the site’s approach to tackling fake news stories appearing alongside posts. And this happened:

Which leads people to wonder things like “if Facebook can’t fix fake news, it really sucks at machine learning“. Brilliantly, the post above was highlighted by Twitter co-founder Ev Williams… just hours before other Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey had his Twitter account suspended.

10. Heinz wants everyone to use their empty baked bean cans to tap out the “Can Song”. But six complaints in about the dangers of uncoordinated kids cutting themselves on the tin has forced the bean wizards to release this gif:

This is what the fuss is about. Just when you hoped your kids were over bottle-flipping.

BONUS ITEM: A week of crazy plays just got crazier:

Have a great day.

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