10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning. Hang in there.

1. Markets seem to be slowly losing their sickly, pale 2016 hue. SPI futures are up a further 14 points overnight after the better than expected day on the ASX yesterday where stocks finished up 0.6%. You can thank the miners and banks for that, but a big move from crude oil – 4% – helped risk assets and should push things on nicely today. And the Aussie dollar is still on the way back, climbing to 0.7084 after an overnight high of 0.7120. Ish.

2. No one knows more about making money than people who’ve got loads. They’re called “rich people”, and because they’re weighed down with cash, their tax bills are also massive. Or should be, except they aren’t, because rich people can hire smart people who show them how to not pay as much tax as you and I do. So we got one of those smart people to show us seven ways we can not pay so much tax too. You’re welcome.

3. Once you’re settled, here’s the kind of penthouse you will be able to afford:

It belongs to billionaire hedge funder Ken Griffin and when he bought it and the condo under it last year for $US60 million, it shattered Miami price records. Now he’s splitting and flipping it, asking $US60 for the five-bedroom penthouse and $US18 for the three-bedroom condo. Check out the pictures and tell him he’s dreamin’.

4. Morgan Stanley laid out the forecast for the future of Australian media industry and it looks something like this:

That’s ad spending, which is basically “chances of survival”, so enjoy your print for the few short years it has left, crossword lovers. Here’s where all the money’s going to from here on in.

5. The Uber for revolution. The digital age is destroying business models everywhere, but it is also having a profound effect on politics. Pollster Mark Textor writes in his regular Business Insider column today that consumers – also known as voters once every few years – are developing a new sense of community thanks to the borderless nature of digital transactions.

Chattering commentators love buzzwords like “disruption” but that massively understates the impact of what’s happening to the way we do business and live our lives. It’s not disruption – it’s the practical redundancy of an old political order; one predicated on old power structures and old relationships between politicians and the public and replaced with something more democratic and much more representative.

The full column is here and as always it’s worth giving a few minutes to one of Australia’s best readers of public sentiment.

6. How good was Roger Federer’s loss last night? So good, this guy in the bottom left couldn’t even stay in his wheelchair after one incredible rally:

But Djokovic proved too good, taking the lead in the pair’s head-to-head record 23-22 and booking a grand final showdown with the winner of tonight’s match between Andy Murray and Milos Roanic. Serena Williams will face Angelique Kerber in the women’s final tomorrow night.

7. Friday is Self-Help Day here at BI. For job-hunters, we’ve got 8 things you should always include on your resume. Nervous Nigels might want to learn the public speaking secret behind the most popular TED Talk of all time. Why exercising doesn’t mean you can have an extra slice of pie. And in relationships, here’s the one thing people think about their partners that results in 93% of them not having those partners much longer.

8. But make those fixes quick, because these giant comets could be heading for Earth.

9. Here’s something you need to know about Donald Trump:
At least, according to the Huffington Post you do. They’re attaching it to every story about the wildly popular front-runner who on November 8, could take the keys to this Defence budget:

Those crickets you hear are the protests from the left about media bias ruining the world.

10. “Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.” They don’t make thinkers like Conan the Barbarian anymore. But wait – maybe they do, because Ahnuld is ready to put the exclamation point on his other most beloved movie character, saying “Conan the Conqueror” is in the works. And he just gave away a few plot details, because apparently, there is one.

BONUS ITEM: Proof life is beautiful:

Picture: red Bull

If you don’t believe that, see it move. Spanish paraglider Horacio Llorens donned a wetsuit and battery-heated gloves before taking to the skies and dancing with the Aurora Borealis above Norway.

Have a great weekend. I’m on Twitter, occasionally.

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