10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

More focus on the game required. Picture: Getty Images

1. First, the important news and the Wallabies have their Rugby World Cup campaign unconvincingly under way. Their first game against Fiji was a win, thanks to a brace of tries from David Pocock (who else) but a repeat of this kind of performance against England and/or Wales in the pool of death might make Wallabies fans happy about the fact it’s all happening in the middle of the night on the other side of the world.

2. With no data in Australia today and futures up 11 to 5,005, Greg McKenna reckons traders here will look at their charts and offshore moves as a guide today. So here’s what he’s offering – a chart of the daily moves in the ASX 200 and overnight futures combined.

That shows the local market has just been trading in a range for the past few weeks, yesterday’s low was right in the support zone and today might be good on the local market. Charts!

3. Australia’s new treasurer Scott Morrison isn’t into jacking up taxes. Or so he told the ABC last night in highlighting his view that Australia doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. So to get the country’s long-term fiscal balance back in shape, expect Morrison to take a long, hard look at entitlements as he sets the reform agenda via the Tax White paper process. All of which means, baby boomers, is that he expects you to start spending your super, now.

4. Here’s something to think about if you’re wondering whether the $18 billion fine VW faces is enough:

According to analysis by The Guardian, the 11 million cars affected globally might have emitted the same amount of pollution as all power stations, vehicles, industry and agriculture in the whole of the UK combined every year – 948,691 tonnes of nitrous oxide.

That’s incredible. Here’s the story so far on the trainwreck of one of the world’s most iconic autos. Shares plummeted as the bottom feeders moved in but have lifted a bit since the CEO quit.

5. Tesla boss Elon Musk must be enjoying all this, especially with motoring journos still raving about the Tesla Model S upgrade which unlocked “Ludicrous Mode”. YouTube channel DragTimes put the S alongside the new S P85D just to see how “insane” compares to “ludicrous”, and because it sounded like fun. Here’s what happened:

6. This guy has been camped out for two weeks, pitching a tent in the Sydney CBD even before the iPhone 6S was officially launched. Today, he will be joined by hundreds of others in their yearly pilgrimage to have the latest and greatest iteration of the gamechanging smartphone when it drops in store tomorrow. But here are 16 reasons why you’re better off with an Android.

7. Mobile private islands are the new… actually, there’s nothing to compare this to. “Kokomo” is a floating, semi-submersed vessel with a level of luxury that rivals a four-star resort, according to its maker Migaloo Private Submarines. Except they haven’t made one yet, because no one wealthy enough to buy it can get their head around the concept of chugging from island to island in a 14km/h hotel:

We have lots more pics for you here.

8. Tony Robbins is top of anyone’s “most successful life coach” list. And while he personalises every coaching session for clients such as Bill Clinton and Serena Williams, there’s one top productivity trick that goes out to everyone. It involves asking yourself three questions and yes, we’re going to make you click here if you want to know what they are.

9. Netflix changed the game when it started to dump entire series all at once, teaching us all about the joys of “binge-watching”. Because of that, it can also track a huge chunk of your vieweing habits and now it’s released some of its tightly held user data to show us exactly which episode got us hooked on its most popular series.

10. Why is 7UP called 7UP? Because it has seven ingredients… and “Bib-label Lithiated Lemon Lime Soda” didn’t exactly roll off the tongue (Although that was its original name, believe it or not.) And here are nine other explanations of what the numbers in famous brand names mean.

BONUS ITEM: You might have read about Martin Shkreli, the Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO who jacked up the price of a tuberculosis drug from $13.50 to $750 per pill. He’s done it before, and for being evil, he gets this:

Have a great day.

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