10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

PORTUGAL SWEDEN TIEUEFAIt’s just not cricket.

Good morning. It’s Friday – let’s get the business out front so we can party at the back.

1. It was a poor day on the local market yesterday with a fall on the physical of 1.0% leaving the ASX 200 index at 5,632. Overnight futures are only down eight points but as they showed the previous night, that’s not necessarily a great lead. And further falls are possible – the miners were down in London, Dalian iron ore was down a per cent and with crude off a per cent too, we might be starting off on the back foot.

2. In Asia yesterday the Nikkei was underwater all day, but remember, that’s coming off a fresh 19-year high. Sentiment in Tokyo is still pretty good but Shanghai, not so much, with the index having an after lunch swoon. The high for the day was 4,720 before the big fall late in the day, which left the index down at 4,528. Greg McKenna learnt in the 90s that when pegs were broken and forex rates let loose, they work. He’s got a chart in his excellent AM column here that shows the break and retest of the break in Shanghai is a warning of a deeper fall. Volatility seems guaranteed.

3. Data fans will look forward to a big dump today. It’s coming from Japan with the release of CPI, unemployment and household spending. Tonight is German import prices and the continuation of this week’s rolling Greek summit. BoE governor Carney is also talking — one for the forex traders.

4. Free houses! Melbourne woman Tavia Macnaughtan flew to Italy to check out the homes one town is giving away. Gangi, in Sicily, has about 200 houses left to hand over to new owners who can renovate them properly within three years. Macnaughtan was onto the game early, flying over last August, and she’s here to tell you all you need to know before considering a “cheap” move to the Mediterranean.

5. How much do Parisian taxi drivers hate Uber? This much:

Specifically, new Uber app UberPOP, which allows users to be picked up by uncertified drivers. But the protest also seems to be about Uber in general. In some places there has been outright violence, with burning tyres, flares, flipped cars, and riot police. Now that’s disruption. We’ve got some amazing pictures, but if you want the rock star view, Courtney Love was there.

6. ABC managing director Mark Scott has launched a staunch defence of his organisation after Q&A let a convicted criminal on live TV to ask questions of parliamentary secretary Steve Ciobo. You can read Scott’s defence in full here, or the truncated version here. Meanwhile, the ABC has been forced to lock the public out of its Sydney HQ as a precautionary measure after receiving more than 1000 phone calls about the show, some of them abusive and threatening – and assumedly not from Islamic State supporters.

7. The best story of Tony Robbins’ life was the one about the day he became a wealthy man. It was the same day the multimillionaire life coach was down to his last $20 and he was about to spend a chunk of it in an all-you-can-eat restaurant to “get him through the winter”. But an eight-year-old boy in a three-piece suit changed everything and the next day, karma came knocking.

8. Here’s a look at another insanely successful life. Marc Andreessen is best known for co-founding internet browser Netscape and later launching Andreessen Horowitz, one of Silicon Valley’s most famous venture capital firms. He’s worth around $600 million and we’ve pulled together all the interesting things about his journey from sleepy town to Silicon Valley stardom.

9. More crappy moments in soccer. When Sweden and Portugal were tied 1-1 and that scoreline guaranteed they’d make it through to the semifinals of the under-21 European Championships, they simply stopped playing. For three minutes they kicked the ball around in the centre so neither would fall out of the championship. Practical, but pathetic nonetheless. So the cherry on top of all this is the oh-so-hi-five response from the Italian coach:

Practice it. It translates as:

“Dogs celebrate on the corpses of lions, thinking they have won, but lions remain lions and dogs stay dogs.”

10. This couple sold everything to tour the world in a sailboat. Four years ago, Matt and Jessica Johnson (and their cat) thought they were watching too much TV, so they learnt how to sail, and hit the high seas. They’re still going, and last year spent a grand total of $US12,619.19 on staying alive. In many of the world’s most amazing places.

BONUS ITEM: Princess Mary is the best princess from Tasmania, ever. Because farts are funny, always.

Have a great weekend. I’m on Twitter.

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