10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Seven NZ slips trying to take another Australian wicket at the Adelaide under the night lights. Photo: Getty Images

Good morning! Let’s start the week.

1. Bring on the pink ball. The three days of the day-night Test saw more than 120,000 people come through the gates at the Adelaide Oval to watch the action, and by all accounts the atmosphere was sensational. After a tense-ish run chase in which the Kiwis looked like getting close to going through the batting order, under the lights, Peter Siddle struck the winning runs and Australia closed out the series 2-0. Great for fans, great for Cricket Australia, and as you can see above, great for photos.

2. Now that we’re all feeling more innovative and agile under the Turnbull administration, time for a dose of reality. The mid-year budget update, due in a couple of weeks from treasurer Scott Morrison, is projected by Deloitte Access Economics to reveal a further deterioration of the Budget bottom line to a deficit of just over $40 billion, more than $5 billion larger than predicted in May. If confirmed – and it’s possible the situation might not be quite as bad as this – it would put more focus on the Turnbull government’s economic plans. The good news is the bad news should come out just before Christmas, so any impact on confidence might be offset by copious amounts of presents and sitting around watching more cricket.

3. To the markets, where it’s a huge week, with an RBA meeting tomorrow and Q3 GDP for Australia out on Wednesday. Then there’s trade on Thursday, and retail sales on Friday. The RBA meeting is in all likelihood a dead rubber after Glenn Stevens indicated he’d be having a look at what the data says over the summer. But it’s a big update on the health of the Australian economy and then globally we have the ECB holding its policy meeting and the US releasing non-farm payrolls on Friday night. So strap in. Greg McKenna’s weekly preview is here.

4. ASX futures are pointing to a flat open but there will be a lot of interest in what happens to Slater and Gordon, which got demolished again on Friday, and BHP, which continues to see a drag from the mining disaster in Brazil and a general weakening in the demand outlook. Slater and Gordon will be interesting as investors will have had time to consider over the weekend if they see value in the stock after last week which saw it tumble more than 70%. We’ll see.

5. Bindi Irwin is finally getting her money. After making it through 11 rounds of Dancing With The Stars in the US, there has been a technical hitch with the $US360,000 Bindi earned for charity in the process. California law requires the parents of a minor to waive their rights to a child’s salary. While Terri Irwin signed over her rights, the court has apparently complained that a waiver was also required from the father. It appears a polite reminder to the court of Steve Irwin’s death which shocked the world in 2006 will resolve the issue.

6. Atlassian’s another step closer to its IPO. The Australian tech company has priced shares for its initial listing on the Nasdaq at between $US16.50 and $US18.50, which would make it worth $US3.6 billion when it debuts if the shares are taken at the upper end. Founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar will now get their IPO roadshow underway.

7. Malcolm Turnbull is in Paris for the COP21 meeting which will attempt to reach global agreement on emissions reduction. The stakes here are huge, with implications for a huge array of global sectors. “In our view, high-emitting sectors such as agriculture and forestry, energy, industry and transportation are likely to be the most affected,” wrote HSBC in a note previewing the talks, which are aimed at limiting temperature increases to around 2C by the end of the century. “In general, we think the most energy and resource efficient companies, those able to design, retrofit and build more efficient systems, and companies involved with the deployment of renewables and public transportation to be best placed to benefit from the transition to a low-carbon world.”

7. Are you an eldest sibling who took music lessons and owns a cat? Chances are you’re smarter than average, according to science. There are a number of indicators that people are likely to be above average intelligence, and we’ve got nine of them here.

8. Anti-vaxxers have a shocking new plan to introduce “black market” daycare for unvaccinated kids. Authorities and experts are, rightly, horrified.

9. So, Diner en Blanc. Exclusive, elitist, pretentious, pointless? Maybe, but you can’t deny that it takes a ridiculously good-looking photo:

Photo by Sarah Keayes/Getty Images

There are 11 more from the Sydney event here.

10. If Monday’s all too much, you can always call in sick. Perhaps tell your boss, like this person did, that he broke his arm trying to catch a falling sandwich. It’s among the best real excuses people have given for not showing up for work.

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