10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

It’s about time someone said it. Picture: Getty Images

1. SAUSAGES GIVE YOU CANCER and we’re all going to die. There’s one key takeout from the alarming news that the World Health Organisation added red meat to its list of known carcinogens, and it’s this from Kevin Loria at BI in the US:

Once there is enough evidence that researchers can say, yes, a substance causes cancer, it would be wrong for them not to put it on that list. Alcoholic beverages been on that list since 2012.

Let’s break the hysteria down a little:

  • Cancer will cause 46,750 deaths in Australia in 2015
  • Bowel cancers make up 13.5% of cancers (6311 deaths)
  • Eating red meat causes 21% of bowel cancers. So 1325 Australians will die this year from cancer caused by eating red meat.

Or think of it this way – of the 166 out of every 100,000 Aussies who will die of cancer this year, 4.5 of those deaths can be attributed to eating red meat. And you can bet 4.4 of them tuck into a snag, steak or chop at least five nights a week, which you definitely don’t, right? Heart disease, on the other hand, kills as many people as all the cancers combined. Which makes all those statements you’ll see on social media from your friends today like this sound so, so ridiculous:

So yeah, order the BLT. Surf with sharks. Buy a lotto ticket. And above all, enjoy life.

2. Now, to somewhere much more predictable than nutrition trends and food science – the markets. The promise of more ECB quantitative easing and a Chinese rate cut saw Shanghai close up just half a per cent yesterday, the Nikkei rise around 0.6% to a two-month high, and the ASX go absolutely nowhere. And not much further today, if the Dec SPI200 futures contract, currently up just one point, is anything to go by.

3. The Aussie dollar managed to buck the trend of weaker oil and iron ore with a small rally yesterday which took it to 0.7260. It’s been rangebound since and is sitting at 0.751 this morning. On the data front today we have the weekly ANZ Roy Morgan consumer confidence data out in Australia.

4. Has the heat come out of the Sydney and Melbourne housing markets? “Hardly,” wrote Deutsche Bank economist Phil O’Donaghoe in a note to clients yesterday, putting an end to all that kind of talk. Here’s why.

5. “Software … that would allow you to teleport yourself into the body of a teddy bear” sounds like a great movie plot. But:

the best use for Oculus Rift we’ve seen so far

6. Your Top 100 Apps list has arrived. Our annual roundup of the best apps you need to have on your phone right now is essential reading. Although if Mark Zuckerberg has his way, you’ll only ever need Facebook Messenger.

7. Or, to save you time, you could just download these 13 apps that will stop you from wasting time. Productivity!

8. Amazing scenes right now with the 2015 National Geographic Photography Contest currently under way. Scenes like this:

‘Dressed for Adventure’. Picture: Jennifer Jo Stock

The committee will be accepting entries until November 16. Photos are being judged in three different categories: people, places, and nature and we’ve picked a bunch of the best so far, but you’ll have to click here to see them.

9. Here’s something new – a seed capital fund which will invest in startups before they’ve made a single dollar. Rimon Advisory is a Sydney-based firm that provides services and funding for startups, which plans to invest in 8 to 10 companies every year, with a $30,000 minimum. “We look to invest in scalable technology. That’s the rule of thumb,” says Rimon Advisory director Lior Stein. Here’s why they think they’re onto a winner.

10. Want a better haircut? Follow this one simple rule, and you can’t go wrong. Promise.

BONUS ITEM: OK, one more Nat Geo Photo Contest entry:

‘The Blue Universe’. Picture: Hiroki Kondo

Have great sausage day.