10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

A clue for sharp eyes. Picture: HBO

Good morning.

1. As Australia gears up to vote on same sex marriages, the No vote remains an unlikely outcome. But three important factors are emerging that help the No campaign, and it’s taking cues from Brexit. Also emerging is this brilliant video from this year’s Mardis Gras a few months back. Come for the simple, sadly obvious message, stay for Gran being every gran in the world at the end:

2. Here’s another interesting meal. We have shocking footage of what it was like to eat food covered in Cheetos at the snackmaker’s “fine-dining” restaurant in New York City.

3. Stocks soared in the US as the president went for a full 24 hours without outraging too many people. Even the greenback got a bid as markets jockey for position ahead of this week’s meeting of central bankers in Jackson Hole. The Aussie dollar still managed to hold above US79 cents though, and Bitcoin crashed then surged back. Iron ore might finally be out of puff.

4. Do you think your kids are the worst kids? Welcome to every parent’s brain, and a fear that one US company is shamelessly cashing in on. Cognition Builders will deploy cameras around your home to watch and listen how you and your kids argue incessantly interact, then “family architects” step in with texts or direct speech through the cams to tell you where it’s all going wrong. One family said they paid about $US125 an hour over four months – about $US80,000.

5. US President Donald Trump’s lack of progress is crushing one key area of the stock market. His continuation of progress in Afghanistan has angered the alt-right. His lack of progress on building a wall has the Democratic National Committee daring him to get started. There is literally nothing he can do to make anyone happy. His approval rating is now so low it’s hovering just above that of… Emmanuel Macron?

6. Another wall in progress right now aims to contain a real threat that five years ago cost New York City at least $US25 billion. We’re talking about floodwaters, and the official in charge of keeping the city from flooding has been looking at this sea-level rise prediction:

Nyc flood risk 2100NYC Flood Hazard Map, 2100. Picture: New York City Department of City Planning

And is now properly worried the US doesn’t care enough about it.

7. Ha, animals are so dumb. Yesterday as the eclipse hit the US, spiders were seen taking down their webs, fireflies came out and African black-footed penguins vocalised. And a million humans travelled to Nashville, Tennessee to watch things get dark for 90 seconds, then get light again. We joined them.

Meanwhile, in Värmland, Sweden:

White moose filmed in Värmland, Sweden. Photo: Facebook/Hans Nilsson

Hans Nilsson caught the rare beast on video.

8. In sport, Barcelona fans are starting to worry about why Lionel Messi hasn’t signed a contract beyond 2018. And Las Vegas bookmakers are worried Conor McGregor will get a sneaky KO in on Floyd Mayweather this Sunday. If he does, it will cost them $US40 million.

9. Blue planets are blue because their atmosphere is laden with hydrogen, helium and methane. Scientists recreated it in a lab, and found the pressure associated with “this (condition) will generate diamond precipitation inside such celestial bodies”. Yes, it could potentially rain diamonds on Uranus one day. And Saturn.

10. Volkswagen is bringing the Microbus back. You might know it as the Kombi. It will be electric, named the I.D. BUZZ and will go on sale in 2022. Here are the pics, hipsters.

BONUS ITEM: This, what you didn’t see:

Have a great day.

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