10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Something about pictures, something about a thousand words. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. The Diary is back. Sam Jacobs is now on the beat for data freaks every Monday, and it’s a busy week at home, bookended with 2016 census data for population and housing on Tuesday and Friday’s release of private sector credit for May. All the big numbers globally will also drop Friday, with China’s manufacturing PMI and Japan looking for more hints of an economic recovery with monthly industrial production, jobless numbers and annual inflation data. There’s more here.

2. Markets in the US and Australia finished marginally better off, and while there’s a lot on the data calendar ahead, ASX200 Futures aren’t going anywhere right now. The Aussie is looking buoyant though, and even iron ore is back on the mend after a flurry of buying in Chinese futures.

3. They say there’s no such thing as a good objective journalist. The New York Times just walked the talk:

4. Sisun Lee got so many hangovers, he had to leave the best job of his life at Tesla. To start a business selling a miracle hangover cure he had discovered on a trip to South Korea, containing a compound that removes the acid causing all the morning grief in our heads. He even got drunk every night for two weeks, purely for research purposes. Champion.

5. An Ohio State University killjoy researcher studied 5,800 people’s IQs and discovered that blondes are just as smart as normal people. Boo.

6. Between June 12 and June 19, Yellowstone National Park experienced “an earthquake swarm of 464 events”. If you read the internet too much, you’re already thinking “supervolcano” and trying to be the first among your friends to warn of the pending extinction event. Here’s why you shouldn’t, but just in case, also what it would be like if it did blow its top.

7. The Scorpion King is real. If this didn’t convince you in 2002:

Then biomolecular archaeologist Pat Govern will. He’s been in the Scorpion King’s tomb, where he found loads of booze.

8. Eyes. They’re great for looking at stuff, but they also give away probably a whole lot more about you than you think they might. Here’s a new study which tells you all about whether you really need to hold someone’s stare, and here are all the things doctors can see that are wrong with you just by looking at your eyes.

9. Poor Daniel Ricciardo. Even when he finally wins a race in a year dominated by Ferrari and Mercedes, after dropping back at one stage to 17th, all everyone can keep talking about is the guy who came third. At least Ricciardo made the 18-year-old Stroll drink from a shoe:

Eau de Two And A Half hours of Racing Foot Sweat. Picture: Getty Images

10. Your new phone. 2017 feels like a good time to get a proper upgrade. Surely the iPhone 8 is going to be the step-up Apple has badly needed for several years, so you’re probably holding out for that. But if not, there’s Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and regular dark horse the OnePlus 5. Here’s why Antonio Villas-Boas would plump for the OnePlus, even though it’s not as good. But Jeff Dunn has found the only reason you might consider Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium.

BONUS ITEM: Jordan Spieth just holed from a bunker to win the Travellers Championship and the hearts and minds of golf bros all over the world:

Have a great week.

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