10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Alien, meet Kenny Powers, your doom. Picture: HBO

Good morning. How’s your Friday afternoon looking?

1. US stocks rose after US president Trump met with manugacturing executives to discuss job creation and tax policies. But the ASX is still set to open lower, after yesterday saw the local market dragged down by Rio Tinto and BHP. But the Aussie is on a roll, hitting 0.7718, its best mark since mid-November. Iron ore is unwinding… fast.

2. The robots are coming for the financial industry. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are still just in their infancy but they are going to revolutionise markets and investing. This week’s Devils and Details podcast takes an in-depth look at machine learning and its applications to the stock market — and the effects it might have on price action. We think you’ll enjoy it.

3. Nintendo’s unorthodox new console will be in the hands of early buyers next week. But we’ve got one now, so nyah. Here’s Ben Gilbert’s official unboxing followed by days of him disappearing and maintaining radio silence while he plays the new Zelda game.

4. Ruslan Kogan went it alone into the online retail space years ago. He’s made millions by asking customers what they don’t want in TVs and other electronics goods, then delivering basic, solid quality goods back to them at low prices. Last year, he IPOd his startup, just three months after snapping up Dick Smith Electronics’ online business. And yesterday, Kogan’s earnings showed revenue increased by 137.9% to $143.9 million in the first half FY17. That’s some impressive vision for man who has successfully ignored the knockers – and there have been many – for most of his business career.

5. Serial leaker Evan Blass just tweeted this spec sheet for the Samsung Galaxy S8+:

massivewithout actually making the phone any bigger than an S7

“Apple has Samsung on the ropes like never before”

6. Sweden’s government has a bizarre economic problem. It’s collecting too much tax. It ended 2016 with a budget surplus of $12.3 billion, but half of that was down to individuals and businesses paying more tax than they needed to as a means of actually making money, because interest rates are -0.5%. The Swedish government now has to refund billions back to its people. That’s not as great as it sounds.

7. Sam Altman runs prestigious Silicon Valley startup incubator, Y Combinator. He did not vote for Donald Trump. But he wanted to learn about why so many Americans did, so he went on a road trip and interviewed 100 Trump supporters. And he got the best insight into the phenomenon we’ve published so far, with quotes like this:

“I’m so tired of hearing about white privilege. I’m white but way less privileged than a black person from your world. I have no hope my life will ever get any better.”

After nearly six months of name-calling (and we’re not talking about Trump and his supporters), this is how to start working things out like grown-ups.

8. Trump, meanwhile, has played golf each of the three weekends since taking office, and just made GE CEO Jeff Immelt tell a bunch of manufacturing executives about the time Trump hit a hole in one, just seconds after telling Immelt he was “the best golfer of all the rich people”.

9. Today’s Loop of the Day:

a more extensive version here, and an interactive

10. We finally know a lot more about what’s going to be in Ridley Scott’s new “Alien” movie. Well, a little bit more, like a couple of the actors that are in it. But wait, actually – when one of them is Kenny Powers, that’s a lot.

BONUS ITEM: BuzzFeed gets back to doing what BuzzFeed does best – things that go bing:

Have a great weekend.

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