10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Memo to Swans – it’s not actually a dance. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning. It’s a big week ahead.

1. Simon Thomsen flew back from Abu Dhabi overnight on an Etihad Boeing 777. After watching Roots and catching a couple of hours sleep, he decided to test Etihad’s in-flight “Wi-Fly” service – by writing a review about Etihad’s in-flight “Wi-Fly” service. Here’s why he’s pretty happy to pay $US21.95 for an unlimited pass – as long as the plane stays above 6000m.

2. Pennsylvania is crucial to anyone looking to win the White House. It represents 20 electoral votes in a race where 270 votes is enough to get a nominee the top job, which is why Hillary Clinton has deployed all her best reps there to campaign. But a new poll shows it isn’t working, and Donald Trump has closed the gap from nine points to three in recent weeks. Tomorrow, the two go head-to-head in their first of three debates. Here’s where each candidate stands on:

As a primer to what kind of entertainment 100 million Americans are settling in for, Clinton has been prepping for weeks, while Trump reckons he’s just going to wing it.

3. To markets, and finally, there are some bigger issues than what the US Fed is thinking. OPEC has a big meeting starting tonight, and talk of what’s likely to happen there already has crude down 4%. But Greg McKenna reckons if OPEC can get the price above $50, “the world gets a global inflationary pulse”. So stocks in the US got knocked a little lower and SPI Futures have slated our local market for a 24-point fall on the open. Iron ore’s winning streak is getting longer and the Aussie is faltering.

4. The Big Dance. The AFL and NRL grand final teams have been decided and it’s the old Sydney AFL team which eventually won out for NSW, thumping Geelong. The Western Bulldogs spoiled the spectacle of a two Sydney teams slugging it out at the MCG on Saturday with a nailbiting win to give GWS a year to think about how close it came. The AFL Grand Final will kick off at 2.30pm AEST on Saturday, after Sting sings something.

In the NRL, the Sharks will get a chance to atone for last year’s humiliating 39-0 finals exit, but just getting there by dusting off last year’s tormentors the Cowboys has be a huge kick for them. They’ll be up against a Storm outfit fielding 11 players in their first Grand Final who broke Raiders’ fans hearts with a 14-12 win on Saturday. Kick off is at 7.15pm Sunday at ANZ Stadium.

They’re all very talented, but best performance of the weekend goes to Michigan State Spartans coach Mark Dantonio:

5. Outage! Last night, it was Vodafone’s turn. Users started to complain around 6pm yesterday, but it wasn’t until their lives had almost disintegrated four hours later that Vodafone acknowledged the problem. It was sorted at 2.31am and now all it has to do is decide what form the compensation will take, now that Telstra has set the dangerous precedent. Who’d be a telco PR manager on a Monday morning?

6. The other Big Dance happens tomorrow night. As noted earlier, the first US presidential debate starts at 11am tomorrow AEST. You can watch it on ABC News 24, but there are a host of online options too, from Facebook and Twitter to BuzzFeed, HuffPo, Politico and Yahoo. Quartz reckon it could be the most accessible televised event ever, but the winner for Something Different goes to NBC, which is partnering with Altspace VR to get anyone with an Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear or HTC Vive a feel for what it’s like to be in the room with Clinton and Trump.

7. We’re hoping someone will sneak in some Snap specs:

You’ve probably already heard about how Snapchat changed its name to Snap and revealed that hokey eyewear. But here are 5 reasons Snapchat’s new Spectacles could succeed where Google Glass failed.

8. For all the other massive market-moving events this week, you’ll have to refer to Greg McKenna’s diary.

9. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it will change your life. No, really – BI’s Jacquelyn Smith asked her colleagues in the US which books changed their lives forever and came up with this very solid list of 27 everyone should work through and why.

10. Ever wondered why successful people have loads more sex than you? No? Too bad – here’s why successful people have loads more sex than you.

BONUS ITEM: The Royals, for whom class never goes out of fashion. Watch Prince George leave the Canadian PM hanging – twice:

Have a great day.

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