10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Today’s 10 things you need to know are brought to you by Tower One, International Towers Sydney. The new Barangaroo precinct has quickly become the envy of CBD workers around the country. Discover the top 5 things that make Barangaroo the best place to work in Sydney.
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Good morning.

1. Yahoo got sold, to Verizon for $US4.8 billion. If you need some perspective, that’s half as much as Microsoft bought Skype for five years ago. Three years before that, Microsoft actually offered $US45 billion for Yahoo. Yet Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer doesn’t see the sale as a failure, saying the company “changed the world” and “it’s really hard to build new businesses”. Yahoo will be merged with Verizon’s AOL unit under Marni Walden. Here’s why former Yahoo CEO Ross Levinsohn says he’d be ‘excited’ if he were a Yahoo employee right now, and here’s how big Mayer’s golden parachute will be if she gets her marching orders.

2. While on mergers, details have emerged about LinkedIn’s $US26 billion sale to Microsoft. According to an SEC filing, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff made on offer on LinkedIn, even after the deal with Microsoft went down. Here’s why LinkedIn ignored what was potentially a much better offer.

3. Trailerfest. San Diego’s Comic-Con is the premiere event to launch your superhero movie, and the teasers came thick and fast on the weekend. Today we’ve got trailers for two movies, one hit TV series and another violent, so-dark-you’ll-have-to-squint, incomprehensible mess from Zack Snyder:

And outside of Comic-Con is probably the best trailer of the lot. Here’s your first look at Sick Boy, Renton, Begbie and Spud, 20 years later.

4. Are the big four going down? Australian banks have had a cracking rally, but there is a growing feeling that it’s time to sell Australia’s big banks again. Leading that charge is Ross Barker, managing director of the $6.6 billion Australian Foundation Investment Company. He’s switching out of the banks and into mid caps. Here’s why. And even though they’ve been enjoying the ride higher on the ASX lately, SPI futures indicate a rise of just 1 point today as traders wait for stronger indication of a rate cut from the RBA when tomorrow’s Q2 CPI data drops. The dollar is in a holding pattern, while iron ore gyrates.

5. If you missed “Four Corners” last night, you missed a shocking image of a teenager strapped to a chair in a detention centre, being forced to wear a “spit hood”. It’s not Abu Ghraib. It’s the Northern Territory, where this kind of abuse has just been made legal. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the Royal Commission this morning.

6. Lionel Messi’s doing it tough, watching his rival Cristiano Ronaldo win the Champions League and Euro for Portugal. Meanwhile, Messi hurt his back and led Argentina to its third consecutive major tournament final loss. And got a 21-month jail term for tax dodgery. There’s only one cure for that kind of misery. This:

7. Today in Trump. Renowned statistician Nate Silver wound the handle on his “Now-cast” election machine and it spat out a ticket that said The Donald was, right now, a 57.5% chance of becoming the next Leader of the Free World. He’s having a field day cashing in on the mess the Democrats are making of trying to win over Bernie Sanders’ supporters. And stay tuned for Thursday. It’s when the bullets stop flying and we can count the casualties from Trump’s “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit.

8. The only thing worse for Messi right now would be getting slapped with a ban on playing ‘Pokémon GO’ – just like Manchester United players have. Nobody’s stopping Nick Kyrgios though. Tennis can wait:

And in case you’ve been wondering, this really simple trick lets you play ‘Pokémon GO’ horizontally on your iPhone.

9. The ultimate sin in romance is, as all the lonely women know, texting first. Psychologists say it sends the message to men that they’ll do it again, to another man, which in turns makes him think she could be an unfaithful partner. Which is, of course, bollocks. According to the most recent ‘Singles in America’ survey, a whopping 90% of men say they’re comfortable with a woman asking them out. And that’s the research Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe is banking on.

10. “If I had to go into combat, I wouldn’t want to go into combat in any other aeroplane” sounds a lot like an infomercial, but it’s Lt. Col. J.T. Bardo, the commanding officer of the Marine flight squadron taking part in the three-week Red Flag exercise currently under way in Nevada. He’s pretty happy with the way the long overdue, way over budget and technically challenged F-35 warplanes have performed in their most realistic combat simulation to date. Meanwhile, video suggests China’s F-35 ripoff, the Cengdu J-20, may be operational as soon as 2018. While in far-off Russia, there’s a shadowy addition to Putin’s navy which this expert believes no one is paying anywhere near enough attention to.

BONUS ITEM: Over half the world’s population lives in a city. Here’s eight reasons why that’s a terrible idea. And here’s one reason why it’s better than living in the country:

Have a great day.

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