10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Best not to mess with the order of things. Picture: Lucasfilm/Disney

Good morning.

1. It looks like a win to Remain. There won’t be any exit polls, just proper results, and they won’t come in until after 10am AEST. The best we’ve got to go on so far is this YouGov poll:

2. Winners and losers. Be happy for the London woman who placed the biggest Remain bet at £100,000 to win £40,000, and commiserate another London woman who placed £10,000 on Leave. It was reportedly her first ever bet. And spare a thought for Fin Times journalist Kay Cutting, who took her daughters to the polling booth so they could all vote together, only to find one had registered at the wrong address. Cue a three-hour cross country drive to reinforce the message to the kids that having a voice is important.

3. This:

“You might be unhappy with the way things are now. But Something Else is not a policy.”

That’s BI’s Josh Barro, paraphrasing a great question an anti-Brexit politician said voters all over the world should consider in when things are so bad as to make rampant nationalism seems like a viable alternative. It’s also a question to ponder before starting any kind of movement which asks people to consider action with implications typically well beyond their scope of understanding. It’s not about convincing people what they should do, it’s about convincing them why they should do it.

4. If Remain gets up, we’re headed for a massive day on the ASX. There’s already a solid rally in US, UK and European stocks which priced in a Remain, so the SPI September futures are up 60 points to 5294. The S&P 500 was boosted by good runs from financial, material and energy sectors. Greg McKenna reckons we’re just 50 or so points off a mild trendline resistance break upward of 5350. If Leave gets up, all hell will break loose, which would be fun. For now, the Aussie dollar is loving it. At 7.15am AEST, when the YouGov poll results dropped, the AUD/USD hit .7635. That’s the highest level seen since May 3, the day the Reserve Bank of Australia cut interest rates to a record-low level of 1.75%.

5. Electric roads are a reality. Brace yourself, because they’re not exactly our Tron Lightcycle future:

That’s from Sweden, where a mile-long patch of highway has been buried under cables to give trucks a way to cut down on their diesel use. If it works, it will be extended to 120 miles. And don’t even think “What about electric trucks?”, because you’d need so many batteries there’d be no room left for cargo.

6. Led Zeppelin can keep all its money. A judge ruled that “Stairway to Heaven” doesn’t sound much like Randy California’s “Taurus” at all. You decide:

Meanwhile, a Nirvana fan leaked unreleased songs from the band after buying a lost recording session on eBay, but they’re rubbish.

7. Dave Grohl was rubbish once, too. He was so wasted at a party with Paul McCartney that he freaked out when guests asked him to play something. He only had a piano and McCartney’s left-handed guitars, and panicked. Fortunately, he also had Taylor Swift there “like f…ing Batman when you need him”. Here’s how that worked out for him.

8. Goldman Sachs has clearly already had it up to here with Gen Y. It’s overhauled its hiring policy and will no longer specifically look at things like schools and GPAs. Here’s Russell Horwitz, the cochief operating officer of the securities division:

“The better question is, who is the right student? And when I say ‘right’ — who’s more likely to have a longer-term career at the firm and fit in with the culture, do the right things.”

GS is also electronically screening resumes, and will interview via a prerecorded video platform called Hireview. So, no time-wasters wasting actual real people’s time, please.

9. Here are all the ways your Mac is about to change. And there are lots of ways.

9.5. James Earl Jones will return to voice Darth Vader in the new Stars Wars movie.

10. As if these didn’t already look like the most beautiful hotel rooms in the world:

The bonus is you can quite often see the Northern Lights through them. So yes, you’ll have to fly to Finland first. Just don’t spoil your trip by entering the plane through the front.

BONUS ITEM: This is possibly the cruellest stunt The Chaser has ever pulled:

Thank you, Chaser.

Have a great weekend.

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