10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Rafael Nadal celebrates victory following the Men’s Singles first round match against Sam Groth of Australia at the 2016 French Open. Photo: Dennis Grombkowski/ Getty Images.

Good morning.

1. Markets, and Americans are going mad for housing. Home sales just recorded their biggest gain in 24 years. Plumping for what MUFG Union Bank chief economists Chris Rupkey calls “the biggest of big ticket items” means confidence levels are sky-high in the US. And that means the Fed can raise rates without fear in June, which in turn sends the Dow and S&P soaring. On a roll now, the SPI 200 June contract is up 75 points suggesting a gain of 1.4%, which would take the ASX back within sight of the tough 5400 zone again. Phew.

2. Then you get those times when doing nothing creates something, like yesterday when Glenn Stevens didn’t say anything to correct current market pricing, suggesting a rate reduction, which sent the Aussie dollar down.

3. Jessica Alba gave Aussie tech star Atlassian some advice. At Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference in September 2015, she said “I do not know how to code, but I can open a ticket in Jira.” Jira, Atalssian’s project management software, started as a way for developers to log in the bugs they found in software. Nowadays, anyone can log a problem and thanks to Alba, whom Atlassian assumes would rather log problems on her mobile, Jira has an app. It launched yesterday.

4. Tesla drivers, how many times does Elon Musk have to tell you – no sleeping at the wheel with Autopilot on:

One day, Musk hopes his cars will travel across the country to find you, knowing how and when to refuel along the way. But please don’t assume robots are smart enough to watch over you taking a nap at the wheel – yet.

5. They are smart enough, however, to make New York Stock Exchange legend Art Cashin worried. Over 50 years, Cashin has watched floor orders shift from handwritten notes to phone calls to computers housed in electronic exchanges. That’ll do, Cashion says, because he doesn’t want to see world where – as Bill Gross recently observed – we’ll be forced to institute a universal basic income (UBI) in order to help citizens make ends meet. (Which actually sounds a bit like “Get paid while robots do the work.”)

6. Apple CEO Tim Cook sees a world where people will ask: “How did I ever live without an Apple Watch?” In an interview with former European Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes, Cook made it clear that healthcare was becoming a major focus of Watch developers. Which is important, but not as sexy as what the tech giant has in store for the MacBook Pro – a touchscreen on the keyboard.

7. Ali G has always been an innovator, including that time he tried to pitch his idea for ice cream gloves to Donald Trump. Not only was it an excellent idea, it was the first time, according to Ali G’s alter-ego Sacha Baron Cohen, that anyone realised Trump was actually a d..k. Here’s the moment:

8. Meet Steve. He worked in advertising, got an MBA and interned at a consulting firm. Meet Mike. He worked at an investment bank, got an MBA and interned at an investment bank. Which one is more likely to land a job at an investment bank? If you said Mike, you really need this new research cited in The Harvard Business Review. Because you’re wrong.

9. It was one of those days for Rafael Nadal in his first round match at the French Open:

It was also one of those days for his opponent, Aussie Sam Groth, who went down to the nine-time winner of the claycourt classic in straight sets 6-1, 6-1, 6-1.

10. Nasdaq set the bar for pot. It refused an application from MassRoots, a social network for cannabis users, to be the first cannabis-focused company to be listed on the exchange. MassRoots CEO Issac Dietrich says it sets a “dangerous precedent” and that if it were an alcohol or tobacco company, there wouldn’t be a problem. Yeah. Or maybe it’s because the Nasdaq isn’t as stupid as certain types of dope-smokers might think it is. It’s not a conspiracy, man.

BONUS ITEM: There’s a new definition for “dedication” in the dictionary.

Have a great day.

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