10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

That time dad made Vlad Putin fish with me. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning. Caught anything yet?

1. Apple just posted its first decline in 13 years. And for the first time since they were invented, iPhone sales fell. Here’s some of the biggest falls:

  • Q2 EPS: $1.90, down 22% YoY, versus expectations of $1.99
  • Q2 revenue: $50.6 billion, down 13% YoY, versus expectations of $52 billion
  • iPhone unit sales: 51.2 million, down 16% YoY, versus expectations of 50.7 million
  • iPad unit sales: 10.2 million, down 19% YoY, versus expectations of 9.4 million
  • Mac unit sales: 4.03 million, down 11% YoY, versus expectations of 4.6 million

CEO Tim Cook called it a “busy and challenging quarter” and a “pause in our growth”. Shareholders called it “time to sell” and sent stock tumbling 7% – that’s about $US40 billion.

2. To markets, where crude oil is causing uncertainty by refusing to stay down, and everyone’s watching the US Fed tomorrow morning for hints of a very likely rate rise in June. Markets in New York and London are a little up, which has helped the SPI 200 rally. The June contract gained 20 points which suggests a better day after yesterday’s slip of the ASX200. Iron ore is weaker, and the dollar will wait on today’s inflation report – David Scutt has the preview you’ve been looking for.

3. In 1962, Don Knuth released “The Art of Computer Programming”. In December, he released the fourth of the planned seven-book series. And if you’ve finished any of them, Bill Gates says please send him a resumé, because you’re hired. Here’s why.

4. Jack Ma is not just the chairman of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. He’s also the largest stakeholder in fintech compant Ant Financial, which in turn operates China’s largest online payments platform, Alipay. And this week, Ant Financial broke the record for the largest funding round ever, after scoring a whopping $5.8 billion from various wealth funds and insurers. Uber’s largest funding round is a paltry $2.6 billion.

5. Ugh:


That’s Twitter, grinding to a halt. It just posted a net loss of $US80 million in the first quarter, which, hey, wasn’t as bad as the $US162.4 million that it lost in the same period last year. Stock is down roughly 12% at $15.64 in after-hours trading.

6. Get productive. To help you make the most of your day, London-based company Best STL recently put out this infographic of 44 things to do every day. 29 of them are before lunch! And ignore that one about ignoring your emails for an hour, otherwise you’ll miss 10 Things in your inbox at 9am. Ish.


7. George W Bush did wrote a book all by his self. In “41: A Portrait Of My Father”, he reflects on the time he thought it would be nice to have Russian president Vladimir Putin over for some boating and a chat about missile defence systems. So he asked his dad, former president George H.W. Bush, to make it happen and here’s the story of the time Bush, Bush and Putin went on a fishing trip together.

8. Cop versus sinkhole:

Cop wins.

9. Leah Goldman is an assistant managing editor at Business Insider US, and a big part of her job is hiring for their internship program. In the past four months, she’s screened 300 applicants and has noted two things. And they’re the two biggest mistakes people are making over and over again that sometimes prevents them from getting an interview, or the position.

10. Here’s a Crossfit “competitor” who loves being fit so much, she’s dead-lifting more than 90kg – while nine months pregnant. Walk away – your precious body can catch up later.

BONUS ITEM: We love maps. Here’s an incredibly detailed, zoomable one from Stanford University’s David Rumsey Map Center. It’s a study of the “Nautical Researches of Capn. James Cook”, carefully drawn by A. Arrowsmith, Hydrographer to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. Get in while you’re ignoring all your other emails:

Have a great day.