10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Josephine Skriver 2015Discrimination is against the law. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. Happy BHP Day. The Big Australian has a big earning calls today and everyone’s watching to see if it ends its much-admir’d progressive earnings dividend. (UPDATE: It did, and posted its first loss in 16 years.) But regardless of the outcome, iron ore ripping onwards and upwards through $51.52 a tonne is a great start to the day.

2. The Aussie dollar is also starting some light beard-stroking about the chance of a rate cut by heading up 85 points to 0.7234, and with oil on the move again, overnight futures on the ASX are higher with the March SPI 200 contract up 35 points to 4,995. A good day beckons. Greg McKenna says the ASX broke a trendline yesterday to finish at 5001, and he’s now getting excited about 5200.

3. Diversity! It’s even making Victoria’s Secret a better place. Despite being born via IVF, 22-year-old Dane Josephine Skriver is the newest Angel. In a video interview with i-D, Skriver touched on a presumably little-known fact IVF born people have to deal with:

You get so many, ‘She’s not made the natural way, she shouldn’t even be here,’ but I am not a science experiment, I am not synthetic, I am just as real as you are.’

4a. You’ve got about one second to spot the US Marine in this pic before he pops you:

But you’ll have to read – ugh – to the bottom of this page to find out where he is.

5. Australia has an Uber competitor and it reckons it’s cheaper. GoCatch started as a taxi-hailing app, but will now let users opt for a regular driver using its GoCar option. “Fares will typically be 30% cheaper than a traditional taxi in off-peak and 10-15% cheaper during peak,” GoCatch CEO Ned Moorfield said, adding it will outcompete Uber by not charging surge pricing. There’s more here.

6. Aston Martin makes cars that should be enjoyed. That means without kids, or indeed, anyone anywhere else in the car other than someone hot beside you, admiring your strong hands on that fat leather wheel and your obvious talent for making cash and knowing all the proper things to spend it on. Yet Rapide S can carry a family – in comfort! – plus cricket gear and deckchairs. Simon Thomsen knows, because he got to drive one around with all that mess in the back and he didn’t feel one bit less sexy. Here’s why.

7. You could read about how Donald Trump is now officially smashing his way toward a Republican nomination. Or you could watch this wonderful mash-up and wonder once again about how you were ever entertained pre-internet:

8. Our editor sat down with a veteran Silicon Valley CEO and investor. Phil Dunkelberger has spent decades in the US technology sector including senior positions at Apple, Xerox, and Symantec and is currently helping out Aussie security company Covata. He had lots of great things to say about Australia, positive things Australians have a bizarre tendency to avoid about how we have some unique advantages in the tech sector. And here’s two qualities he looks for in people, including the ability to say “I don’t know”.

9. When Samsung’s Galaxy S7 arrives in Australia on March 11, these are all the things it will be able to do that the iPhone can’t. Here are all the beautiful photos of what it will look like. And here are the 11 best new apps you should download onto it immediately. Except you can’t, because nine of them are iOS only.

10. The most surprising things about Australia, according to an Italian expat, are so entertaining they’re worth a link here again, in case you missed it yesterday. Come for the painful high heels, stay for the surprising amount of fire alarm drills.

4b. Too late!

For US Marine Brent Downing, camouflage is an art form, and one he gives tips on regularly on his YouTube channel, Camouflage Effectiveness Series. Here’s more spot-the-sniper slides.

BONUS ITEM: Just for our Italian friend – the most Oz politician in Oz right now:

Have a great day.

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