10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Tender. Picture: David de Meulles/YouTube

Good morning.

1. It looks like Donald Trump won’t “lock her up” after all. Sources say Trump reckons Clinton has “been through enough”. That didn’t impress Breitbart, the news organisation run by his recently appointed White House chief strategist, Steve Bannon, which led with the screamer “BROKEN PROMISE”. Which could make for an interesting phone call given Trump reportedly “lashed out” at top journalists and media executives during an off-the-record meeting at Trump Tower this week.

2. Markets love him though. The Dow and S&P hit new highs overnight, bonds are a little higher and the US dollar is big dog again. SocGen is even chilling its euro parity party bubbles. So after yesterday’s 62-point rally, the ASX looks set for a stronger opening today, with futures trades putting the December SPI 200 contract 7 points higher overnight. The Aussie dollar is grinding higher and iron ore jumped.

3. Stanford just wasted a bunch of research money to find out that schoolkids are gullible when it comes to reading news. Clearly, polar bears don’t pat dogs because they want to be friends. Dismiss anything that mentions “polling”. More importantly, don’t believe any headlines that say Taylor Swift is dating Drake. Even if he did introduce her to his mum.

4. One of Facebook’s internet-spreading drones crashed, which is a big deal for several reasons. One, because it literally is a big deal – the Aquila drones’ 43-metre wingspans are bigger than a Boeing 737’s. And most people are already thinking “But Elon Musk is going to do it better anyway, with 4000 satellites“. Except for that one satellite which burned during SpaceX’s last explosion – which was meant to, um, beam Facebook into Africa. Awks.

5. Here’s a drone that’s almost just as frightening:

Picture: AirSelfie

It’s a thing called an “AirSelfie” and it does exactly what it says on the box – whip it out of your pocket and launch it for the ultimate beyond-stick selfie.

6. It’s been the hottest year ever recorded on Earth. Crazy, huh? But there’s a lot more to global warming than just warming. October was a great example of how one thing – like an extra degree of temperature – out of whack can send everything else bonkers. Here are 11 drastic things the weather did in October that you probably didn’t notice.

7. Brexit has already cost British people £1.2 trillion in lost wealth. The latest Global Wealth Report from the Credit Suisse showed voting to leave the EU robbed 400,000 people of their status as dollar millionaires. And worse, another report just found nearly half the British population may be forced to work a year longer before they receive their pension. Ouch. Like they need something else to moan about.

8. But at least their opposition leader is providing plenty of cheer in these dark times. Jeremy Corbyn tried to assure everyone he was all over this tech stuff with a tweet yesterday:

And fell into that ye olde trappe of giving young smarta…s a befuddled geriatric public figure to meme over:

There are more here.

9. If you are tall, thin, alcoholic, lefthanded, were breastfed and own a cat, congratulations. You’re also more likely to be intelligent. Here are 13 more signs you might have missed.

10. Let’s talk about your new job. The one you’ll be starting in a shiny new year, which will kickstart all those big things you’ve got planned. Don’t stuff it up by dropping a dodgy cover letter – here are 5 things you absolutely need to say in that opening document. And Walt Disney recruiter Tina Nicolai says she’s seen more than 40,000 resumés, and these are the 5 most annoying mistakes she sees.

BONUS ITEM: No, this is the worst play in football this week:

Have a great day.

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