10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Squee. Picture: Marvel Studios

Good morning.

1. What would a Trump win do to markets? Chaos, according to Mohamed El-Erian, Allianz’s chief economic advisor, like that which followed the Brexit poll. And if Clinton won in a clean sweep? Chaos, says El-Erian.

2. While we’re on markets, all the big mergers were on in the US yesterday. Rockwell Collins/BE Aerospace, TD Ameritrade/Scottrade, American Midstream/JP Energy and the rock star marriage, AT&T/Time Warner, all got traders excited. But not here. The December SPI 200 contract is up just 3 points after yesterday’s 0.4% slip. The Australian dollar is drifting but movements in the USD/CNH could be influential today.

3. The risk of an apartment oversupply in our capital cities is clear and almost present. That sounds like terrible news if you’re an owner now and expecting some capital gain. But it’s great news if you’ll be ready to buy in a year or two, and for the first time, we have a comprehensive list of the 20 council regions that will see the largest increase in supply over the next 24 months. You’re welcome.

4. Elon Musk tackled a reddit AMA overnight about his plans to settle humanity on Mars. There was a lot of interest in what we’d actually live in, and Musk described it pretty much as we’ve seen in the movies, all glass domes and robots. But the coolest part of his chat came when someone asked him what this was all about:

It’s the fuel tank for the “Heart of Gold” spacecraft. And very soon, SpaceX will test it by filling it “up to 2/3 of burst pressure” – on an ocean barge, a long, long way from anyone else.

5. Larry Page’s “flying car” has been spotted doing test runs in the wild. Although you may as well call it a “driving plane”.

6. How do you sign off your emails? “Sincerely”? “Regards”? Cheers? If you’re thinking “Peace out”, please leave now. Actually, they’re all terrible, according to several business etiquette experts we asked, who then came up with this list of 26 sign-offs to avoid – and the one that fits every time.

7. ABC News in the US now has Hillary Clinton in a 12-point lead over Donald Trump. Trump insists he is winning the election and that pollsters are trying to “suppress the Trump”. (There’s actually one poll that agrees with him.) Meanwhile, the New York Times has collected 281 “people, places and things” Trump has insulted since January and yesterday, printed them all in an amazing double-page spread:

Please. Just change the rules so Arnold can be president.

8. Although this is good. Also at the New York Times, top election forecaster Nate Cohn on Sunday wrote that Trump had a 7% chance of winning the election. Roughly the same, he wrote, as the odds of an NFL kicker missing a 29-yard field goal. And in the crucial moments of the Sunday night game, it happened twice.


9. In proper entertainment, the Deadpool sequel looks like it’s in big trouble. Although not as much as Niantic, which looks like it’s doing sweet bugger all to stop Pokemon Go from dying. And here are 8 details you may have missed in last night’s episode of Westworld.

10. Oct 24, 8.11pm: Samsung still doesn’t know why its Note 7 smartphones started exploding. Oct 25, 4am: Samsung might be making the Galaxy Note 8 after all.

BONUS ITEM: Well, that answers the question. Vale Pete Burns, you spun us all round for a glorious couple of minutes back there:

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