10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

You can be beautiful and happy. Picture: Paramount Pictures

1. We need more skills. So says Scott Farquhar, who, apart from having a winning name, is the co-founder of Australia’s most successful tech startup, Atlassian. Last night, he told the ABC that his company simply could not find the skills it needs in Australia to help grow its business:

Developers, product managers, designers, people in the technology industry with five and 10 years’ experience – we don’t have them in Sydney in the numbers that we need. Mostly we get people from Silicon Valley, from Europe, and bring them to Sydney.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to; there just seems to be a lack of effort to grow the tech sector quickly. So right there is one of the biggest opportunities for Malcolm Turnbull to make his mark as a genuine leader.

2. The boom is over. Morgan Stanley has released a bombshell 41-page note on Australian macro conditions which highlights the risks to the nation’s housing market – and by extension the economy and RBA interest rates – in the year ahead. It’s essential reading, promise.

3. So, yeah – volatility. It makes trading hard. But we pulled Greg McKenna onto the case and he came up with this excellent primer on what it is, when it’s going to happen, and how to manage it. And he got to name drop Minsky, which always makes him happy.

To the markets.

4. It was a poor night for stocks, and you can blame VW for bringing everyone down. As NAB’s Emma Lawson noted, “equities tumbled, commodities are soft, yields are lower and the USD has regained its strength”. So on the ASX, while traders would have been disappointed with the unimpressive rally on the physical market yesterday, they can expect less today. Last night the SPI 200 December futures fell 66 points to 5,027, making the release of the Chinese flash PMI at 11.45am AEST today super important.

5. None of which is great news for the Aussie dollar, which got smoked last night. And certainly not for VW, which lost, ooh, about $30 billion last night.

6. Deutsche Bank just held its 20th annual Women in Business conference in Singapore. Here’s the theme they chose:

And here’s their explanation for why “women in business” really should think about men more.

7. It’s not easy being beautiful. You might think gorgeous people cruise through life, winning friends with a smile and securing easy loans, but beautiful people have taken to reddit to tell the rest of us it isn’t so great. From worrying about how they’ll look when you get old, to not getting a lot of pity, here are their 7 biggest grievances.

8. Here’s a handy list. Lately at work, have you:

  • Suddenly been getting invites to meetings?
  • Been given a special project?
  • Had your JD expanded?

If you answered “yes” to all of those, here are 8 more hints that you’re about to be promoted.

9. Harry Potter is rich, so don’t feel too sorry for him. Remember all the gold in his vault at Gringott’s? Readers have always found that interesting, given his parents were only 21 when they were murdered by Voldemort. So now JK Rowling has “revealed” (read “had some time to think about”) how they made their cash – potion patents.

10. This guy traveled to every country in the world before turning 40 — here are the 12 countries he thinks everyone should visit. And this couple travel the world on $40 a day. And here’s the 15 most expensive cities all three of them probably avoid.

BONUS ITEM: Five goals, nine minutes. Take a bow, Robert Lewandowski, “You just cannot be that good!”

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