10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Kennedy SummersGetty Images/ Charley GallayKennedy Summers posing with her MINI after receiving ‘Playmate of the Year.’

1. Hipster trader Carl Icahn was into Netflix way before you. He bought 10% of it at $US58 a share way back in 2012, thinking it was about to be acquired. It wasn’t, and his son Brett urged the old man to hold onto the stock. It has since grown by 1000% and today, Icahn sold it off and walked away with $1.288 billion profit.

2. If you can’t wait three years for your stocks to mature, day trading is so hot right now. Working from home between 2-3pm and making $600 a day sounded like a good second income stream for Kennedy Summers. Her first income stream is as a model and actress and oh, by the way, she was also last year’s Playmate of the Year. Summers got a day’s training in trading in April ahead of a small gig she was speaking at and now she’s hooked and aiming to use it to help her with her dream of living in London. Here’s how she’s done so far.

3. And if that’s got you interested in day trading, here’s four simple things Warren Buffett looks at before choosing stocks.

4. Another hottest bike on the planet. Yesterday we showed you this $16,000 wheeled work of art that will debut at the Tour de France. But if you want hi-tech, Ford’s MoDe:Flex eBike is all your Christmas presents at once. It’s handlebars tremble when a car is about to overtake, and it evens measures your heartbeat so it knows to kick in the engine before you start sweating on your way in to work. Sadly, it’s ugly.

5. To the markets, which locally, didn’t do terribly much at all an index level. The ASX200 and All Ords both closed largely unchanged, but that stability masked some large intra-index moves. Liquified Natural Gas Limited followed Tuesday’s 4.84% rise with another jump of 8.97% yesterday. And Flight Centre was hammered again, posting the weakest move on the ASX on the day, down 8.8%. That was after yesterday’s 13.59% drop.

6. It was a banner day for the Nikkei which etched out a small gain, lifting it to the highest level since 1996. The market is up around 20% this year, so the economy is improving. (Nothing like debasing your currency to get growth going.) Elsewhere, Shanghai rallied to finish the day at 4,690. It was another volatile day with the low, just after lunch, of 4,553.

7. Oh, Greece. PM Alexis Tsipras is still meeting with creditors right now, but Bloomberg reckons they’re not interested in his proposals. BI graduate Joe Weisenthal tweeted what that moment looked like:

We’ll keep you updated this morning.

8. Defaulting is not new for the Greeks – they’ve been doing it since 4BC, when 13 Greek city-states borrowed from the Temple of Delos, never made good on it, and the temple took an 80% loss. And back then they had some pretty good leaders and advisors – Alexander the Great, Plato and Aristotle were all alive. Here’s 12 other amazing things to tell your friends about the Greece economy.

9. This shark was recently caught off Victoria’s south coast. Crivens:

Source: Facebook/Museum Victoria

But don’t panic – it’s just a baby. It’s a basking shark and they can grow to 12m, twice the length of this one, bits of which are now headed for Museum Victoria. It eats nothing but plankton and this was the first caught in Australian waters since way back in the 1930s.

10. The Matildas have their World Cup quarter-final opponent… and it’s Japan, the defending champions. But hey, the Matildas beat Brazil, and were only just pipped 1-0 by Japan when the two met last year in the Asian Cup final. After a welcome week’s break, the Matildas continue their bid for glory on Sunday, starting at 6am.

BONUS ITEM: Nobody understands why this guy secretly filmed his family to announce he’s running for US president. If he was hoping for a viral hit of his kids going bonkers, he was sadly, awkwardly mistaken:

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