10 Things You Need To Know This Morning In Australia

Orlando Engelaar celebrates his incredible goal from inside his own half against the Central Coast Mariners. Getty / Graham Denholm

Good morning, and welcome to Monday. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. More satellite sightings of objects in the search area for the missing Malaysian Airlines jet are making it look increasingly likely that the area some 2300km southwest of Perth is where the plane went down. Tony Abbott emphasises that it’s “no more than hope”, but over the weekend it emerged Chinese and French satellites spotted more objects and one of the search aircraft spotted what appeared to be a palette and straps in the water. There’s rising concern about being able to find the flight data recorder, which only emits a signal for 30 days and it’s now 16 days since the plane disappeared.
  2. South Australia will have its fourth successive Labor government after Jay Weatherill did a deal with independent Geoff Brock over the weekend to seal a parliamentary majority, outfoxing the Liberals’ Steven Marshall. It is a disaster for the Libs’ ground game having secured 53% of the popular vote.
  3. AWU leader Paul Howes is expected to quit today, according to the AFR, for a career beyond union leadership or politics. Next month he’s marrying Qantas marketing boss Olivia Wirth and only last month gave a speech at the National Press Club in Canberra that had people talking about him being possible Labor leadership material. In that speech he sounded like a politician with some kind of a grasp on reality – there are highlights here.
  4. The ATO has written to some 3000 financial entities warning of possible penalties for double-dipping on franking credits. This was something the previous Labor government was planning to do and Joe Hockey is following through with. Investors are livid about it.
  5. Authorities in the west African nation of Guinea are racing to contain an Ebola outbreak that has killed almost 60 people. Ebola, a highly contagious bacteria that causes a traumatic death, was identified as the cause over the weekend of a haemorrhagic fever affecting people in the region.
  6. One of the factors that shouldn’t be forgotten in the Ukraine crisis is the strategic importance of Russia’s gas supply to Europe. This map from a recent investor presentation by Russian gas behemoth Gazprom shows its sprawling reach into the EU.
  7. The Prime Minister will chair a Cabinet sub-committee on infrastructure which is focused on project delivery. Other members will include Joe Hockey, Warren Truss and Jamie Briggs. Infrastructure is an area where the government can get some solid political wins because it not only delivers services to people but also creates jobs, sometimes thousands at a time. It’s a sector worth watching as we head towards the Budget in May. The Daily Telegraph’s take on it for Sydney is here.
  8. Australian researchers have identified a protein that sits on the surface of cancer cells which stops the body’s immune system from recognising it as a threat to the body. They can now develop an antibody to deal with it, and the researchers involved say this could be a critical weapon in the treatment of advanced cancers.
  9. Turkish PM Tayyip Recep Erdogan took time off trying to ban Twitter in his Turkey at the weekend to shoot down a Syrian fighter bomber in the latest border skirmish between the two countries.
  10. Dutch midfielder Orlando Engelaar scored an incredible goal from deep inside his own half for the Melbourne Heart against the Central Coast Mariners yesterday. The Mariners went on to win 2-1, but this is still a goal for the ages. In other sports news, Australia lost their opening T20 World Cup match against Pakistan overnight.

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Have a great day. I’m on Twitter: @colgo

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