10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Two-up, or space war? Picture: Marvel

Good morning.

1. The Aussie is under pressure. Today it faces a dual challenge with Australia’s March quarter consumer price inflation report (CPI) released at 11.30am AEST, and a strengthening US dollar. The greenback rose for the sixth straight session overnight to finish at a three-month high, while the Aussie is at its lowest level this year. AxiTrader’s Greg McKenna said a move below 0.7590 could see the AUD fall towards 0.7475 US cents. And it could be a wild day for iron ore traders, after they bought yesterday’s dip.

2. In cryptos, bitcoin is still hovering just below $US9,000 while bitcoin cash has gained 80% in the past week. Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs is thinking about establishing a crypto trading desk, and a crypto trading platform has raised $10 million from a Japanese investment giant to go head-to-head with a big business on Wall Street.

3. It’s a boy. Meghan Markle’s soon-to-be husband just got bumped down to number six in line for the throne after his brother and wife welcomed their third child to the world. Bookies have tipped Arthur, Albert, Philip or Frederick as possible names, but for now, he’s known as HRH Prince of Cambridge. He was born at 11.01am, weighing 8 pounds, 7 ounces. (That about 3.8kg in The Colonies.)

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their baby boy. Picture: Getty Images

4. It’s Anzac Day tomorrow and it feels a bit wrong that you can commemorate it by taking your kids to see a movie about a fake space war. Thursday is traditionally new release day in Australia, so it’s not surprising some people think bringing Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War” out a day early is opportunistic. Especially as it’s not released in the US until April 27 – unless you ask Google, which gets the date wrong. James Cameron just hopes we’ll all get tired of Avenger movies soon, so the internet reminded him of that time yesterday:

5. At least 9 people are dead and another 16 are injured after a van ploughed into pedestrians on a sidewalk in Toronto, Canada. Police are saying early indications are that it was deliberate.

6. Kim Jong Un has agreed to halt North Korea’s missile tests, which could be taken as a positive step towards peace in the region. The US President thinks so:

Or, it could be taken as a declaration for nuclear war.

7. The second season of Westworld premiered last night. So when we say these are “the 6 biggest questions we have after the Westworld season 2 premiere“, you know there’s going to be spoilers, right? But you can probabaly safely take this close look at why Bernard is malfunctioning, because after all, he did shoot himself in the head in season one.

8. Let’s hope Amazon’s robots are better behaved, because your home will be full of them, starting as soon as next year. Amazon says it won’t comment on rumours of a project codenamed “Vesta”, but employees are reportedly giving up their homes as testing grounds for the pending public rollout.

9. The Greens want cannabis legalised in Australia, for medicinal and recreational use. Here’s how much skunk a week they think is enough for the average Aussie waster, in their plan to control it that includes allowing individuals to grow up to six plants for personal use. Six plants can be… a lot:

10. You don’t need to know how Antonio Villas-Boas managed to run over the Business Insider office’s Galaxy S9 review unit in his Subaru Outback – twice. But this is why a decent case for it will be the best $40 you’ll ever spend.

Have a great day.

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