10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

A real Liverpool kiss, in Liverpool, UK… 2005. Picture: Getty Images

Well hello, Friday.

1. Tony Abbott wore a headbutt from a punter in the streets of Hobart yesterday and everyone is outraged by it. Not because, by Abbott’s admission, it was a not a very good headbutt. Rather, it was from a “chap wearing a vote ‘Yes’ badge”. Stay classy, campaigners from both sides – this is how you do it:

2. In Adelaide, Liberal defector senator Cory Bernadi tweeted his offence at a local primary school fundraiser where students were encouraged to wear a dress or casual clothes to school for a gold coin donation:


And climbing, thanks Cory. The cash will go to girls in Africa for their education. Also losing their mind on Twitter are first year students at the University of Birmingham who’ve just learned they might be sharing a maths class with the Three-Eyed Raven himself, Bran Stark.

3. Tech guru Dr Mark Sagar has won two Oscars and worked on Spiderman 2, King Kong and Avatar. But even his expertise couldn’t stop the Turnbull government getting cold feet about rolling out an AI bot voiced by Cate Blanchett. Spooked by past tech failures, it’s put “Nadia” on the shelf for a bit.

4. Everything got smashed. The Aussie dollar crumbled. Iron ore – poleaxed. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash dipped. Gold fell 0.8%. And the even US markets went backwards. But SPI Futures traders think it can’t possibly get any worse for the ASX. They’ve marked the open up 19 points.

5. How ready is the world for higher interest rates? It looks like we are about to find out, with central banks around the world now starting to turn the screws. Con Michalakis, who runs $6 billion in assets for Statewide Super, has this on his mind and more as he joins us on the Devils and Details podcast this week, which you can find on iTunes here or just get in here:

6. Former US Army Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis has “killed men in the performance of my duty and would not hesitate to do so again if our country or citizens were in peril”. But here’s why he believes war isn’t an option in North Korea and there are better ways to rescue its people. Overnight, China finally started down that path by telling its banks to stop doing business in the Hermit Kingdom.

7. Today’s Tesla road trip is an epic classic – from San Francisco to New York City. Over seven days, BI’s Graham Flanagan and Will Wei got over their Autopilot fears in a brand new Tesla X, realised they wouldn’t make it through the Grand Canyon, stopped at Warren Buffett’s favourite steakhouse, summonned their ride from a car park, and noticed Graham was going bald. It all starts here.

8. Do both your parents have blue eyes? Check your fingers and toes – science just made things a little awkward after it discovered all blue-eyed people are related.

9. The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator says the process won’t be pretty for UK residents. In fact, Michel Barnier has been telling senior European political and business figures it will be long, “painful, not pleasant, and costly” for Britain. A UBS survey confirmed it – 15% of the 1200 eurozone companies asked said they planned to move everyone out of the UK after Brexit. Everyone.

10. US airports are the pits. But there’s a special place in the hell inside those airports if you’re unfortunate enough to have this code stamped on your boarding pass:

Picture: Bahman Kalbasi/Twitter

The first clue you’re in for some special attention is if you can’t check in online, and it’s reportedly quite difficult to get off the list.

BONUS ITEM: About 20 seconds in, you’ll realise you’re in the hands of a genius:

Have a great weekend.

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