10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

You would too, if you were US President. Picture: Getty Images

Thursday, Friday, happy days.

1. The US Fed has an annual survey actually called the Survey of Professional Forecasters. The bad news is, the “Professional Forecasters” have been wrong for 10 years straight. The good news is, they’ve been consistently wrong:

About 60bps too high wrong, on average. So they’re not completely useless.

2. Markets showed that right now, they really don’t care about rate rises anyhow. Here’s another chart showing how the US 2-year yield curve has been more or less unresponsive to the Fed’s rate hikes this year. It was steady as she goes overnight as well, helped by oil finding a floor again. Futures trades point to a quiet opening on the ASX200, although it could be a nervous days for the banking sector after South Australia yesterday decided it could slap an extra levy on top of the federal levy, so its budget bottom line could look good.

3. In May, US president Donald Trump tweeted that the FBI director he’d just sacked, James Comey, “better hope that there are no ‘tapes'” of their conversations. Comey hoped correctly – today, The Donald admitted:

But it’s all a cover-up. A smokescreen so the fake news moguls don’t catch on to this presidential crime:

In real news, four GOP senators can now sink Trump’s Obamacare replacement.

4. Back in 1978, Happy Days producer Garry Marshall’s kid went to see Star Wars. He came back and told his dad he should put an alien on Happy Days. Robin Williams became Mork, and met Richie Cunningham and The Fonz in the weirdest episode of the classic sitcom:

Picture: ABC

Today, Ron Howard – Richie Cunningham – was given control of the new Han Solo movie. That’s kind of interesting in a useless way.

5. The Korea Herald reports that the US and South Korea will have completed a team that can take out Kim Jong Un and paralyse the country’s command and control systems by the end of this year. This might be what defence experts mean when they talk about a “regime change” option. Pyongyang’s official Rodong Sinmun newspaper called Trump a “psychopath”.

6. Pew pew. We now have details of how the dogfight that saw a US Air Force F/A-18 down its first manned enemy aircraft since 1999 rolled out. And what fighter pilots mean when they say an enemy aircraft has “dirty wings”. And here’s news just in of a Canadian military sniper who took out an ISIS fighter with a record-breaking shot from more than 3.5km away. Maybe.

7. For a decade, we’ve been talking to the wrong Apple insiders. iPhone co-inventor Steve Forstall got up on stage at the Computer History Museum on Tuesday to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, and we’re still dining out on his stories. Today, he tells of how Steve Jobs took over his job interview, and how a “very large dead fish” on ice turned up on his doorstep the next day – from Microsoft.

8. IKEA’s “Blanda Blank” stainless steel bowl comes in a variety of sizes, costs between $US1.99 and $US11.99 and is a “great size for serving or prep cooking”. It’s also a great bowl for cooking. IKEA Thermomix – go!

IKEA is taking the information “very seriously” and investigating. As you should with this information about whipped cream chargers. One exploded and killed a popular French fitness blogger.

9. You might think you’re ready to change jobs. But first, ask yourself these three questions from former Google director Mike Steib before you take the plunge, just to be sure.

10. Where does the saying “mad as a hatter” come from? Surely people who make hats are as reasonable as anyone? But nope. Right up to 1941, hatters were unaware that the process they used to make hats was poisoning them. Here is your Friday learning.

BONUS ITEM: Finally, AR proves its worth:

Have a great weekend.

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