10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Into the unknown. Picture: NASA

Good morning.

1. Markets, and iron steadied a little overnight after falls in the range of 30% over the past couple of months. Goldman Sachs isn’t keen on the current commodities cycle, and has rated BHP a sell. The euro is flying high after ECB sources claimed to be seeing signs of strength in the eurozone, and US markets will get their much anticipated hint of where Trump is taking taxes tonight.

2. Malcolm Turnbull will get to meet Donald Trump:

Apparently, US vice president Mike Pence smoothed over any tensions, real or imagined by the Australian press, between the two when he toured Down Under last weekend. Trump, meanwhile, just slapped a 20% tariff on timber imports from Canada, making everyone who thinks Justin Trudeau is hot really, really mad at the unfairness of it all.

3. Uber wants to fly you to work. At the Dubai World Fair in 2020, it’s promising to debut its Uber Elevate network.”It’s push a button and get to work,” one Uber exec said. Here’s one R/C version of the kind of aircraft it plans to use:

And here are all the reasons why it won’t happen in your lifetime.

4. Uber’s real battle is on the ground. Google just announced that it’s come so far in testing its self-driving Waymo cars that it will allow ordinary people to call and use its fleet of 500 minivans in Phoenix, any time. And speaking of creepy, headless robots, the CEO of Boston Dynamics reckons his nine prototypes aren’t far away at all from roaming the streets.

5. Tonight, humans finally get their chance to look at what goes on in the space between Saturn and its rings. At 110,000 km/h, with ice and particles all over the place, there’s a fair chance NASA’s $US3.26 billion spacecraft Cassini will take a hit when it makes the first of 22 passes. But this is why NASA thinks it’s worth it.

6. For all its laughability potential, the Juicero is actually a beautiful piece of design and engineering. Ben Einstein knows this, because he pulled one apart. What he found was what happens when designers and engineers are given as much investor cash as they need and completely lose their minds.

7. But if a $US400 machine for squeezing a bag of crushed fruit is the poster child for Silicon Valley excess, what does that make these jeans from Nordstrom?

The Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans “embody rugged, Americana workwear that’s seen some hard-working action”. A lot of hard-working action. The fake muddy jeans cost $US425.

8. Not the Samsung Galaxy S8. Ben Gilbert switched from his iPhone 7 to Google’s Pixel just last week, and already he knows he made the right choice. Because how it fits into his life is far more important than how much he likes to look at it.

9. Alex Heath got to try Spaces, Facebook’s push into virtual reality social media. And wasn’t really sure what the point of it all was.

10. You’ll never achieve anything working in your PJs, hunched in front of a screen in the corner of the guest bedroom. You need to meet people. Network. So from networking master Keith Ferrazzi, here are six mistakes to avoid if you don’t want to become a “networking jerk”.

BONUS ITEM: They found a tree stump on Mars. In case you don’t know what a tree stump looks like, jump to 0:51 seconds:

Have a great day.

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