10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. French global investment bank Societe Generale thinks Australia’s economy is out of the woods. In fact, it says our transition out of the mining boom has been “close to perfect”. *Beam*

2. So, markets. The ASX didn’t get the SocGen memo, and coasted to a weak close yesterday. It’s not looking great today either, with SPI Futures pointing to an early plunge after US stocks took a hit overnight as investors grew uncertain of when Trump’s tax cuts will actually arrive. Iron ore was crushed and the Aussie fell back below US77 cents and lost more than 1% against the pound, euro and yen.

3. Always forgotting where you parked your car? If you have the latest version of Android on your phone, next time hit Maps before you get out and tap the blue “P”. You’ll never be caught wandering around a multi-level again trying not to look like you’re actually looking for your car. Better, Google has added a feature which lets you know how much time is left on your meter.

4. In the war for best assistant, Samsung just released Bixby. The voice-controlled AI will be inside the new Galaxy S8 devices, and while it’s a bit behind the game in this, Samsung has a huge advantage over Apple and Google in its huge range of home appliances, all of which you will soon be able to operate by talking to your phone.

5. And look:

It’s the first red iPhone, released by Apple as part of its charity efforts. You can get one now, and you can also buy a new 32 GB, 9.7-inch iPad with wifi in the US for $US329 ($427). That’s a huge price cut from Apple. Currently the same model costs $849 here in Australia. We’re waiting on word of when or whether we’ll get the cut as well.

6. The watch maketh the man? They don’t have a lot of bling statements to choose from, so powerful men in the finance industry choose their wristwatches wisely. So we got some watch experts to identify the timepieces worn by those men, from Ray Dalio’s Apple Watch, to Clifford Asness’ $US41,500 Patek Phillippe.

7. US President Trump announced he would cut funding from public broadcasting, which in the US means Sesame Street. (Although it’s owned by HBO now.) And wonderfully, Sesame Street has taken enough shots at Trump over the decades to put together this great highlights reel:

8. Meanwhile, The Independent Journal Review, an upstart, millennial focused conservative news website which has been getting some enviable inside access to the White House, sounds like it is imploding under an identity crisis. What follows is a sad story of how journalists don’t kill journalism, audiences kill journalism. Parents, tell your kids to do something else at uni.

9. Oh, family. You might remember Paul Manafort. He was Trump campaign manager for a short time until he was fired. He’s also a serial lobbyist and political consultant who advised the likes of Ronald Reagan and George Bush Snr. But according to texts hackers stole from his daughter Andrea’s phone:

“He is a sick f—— tyrant. And we keep showing up and dancing for him … We just keep showing up and eating the lobster. Nothing changes.”

But Andrea saves her best texts for her sister when reminding her about how dad may have advised then-President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014 to open fire on thousands of demonstrators in Kiev.

10. Yesterday, we read about how next PM immigration minister Peter Dutton thought CEOs should be beings CEOs instead of commenting on big social issues. Today, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce tells us what he thinks about that.

Have a great day.

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