10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Roll out. Picture: Letrons/ YouTube.

Good morning.

1. First, to markets, which have pulled the doona up and snuggled in again after being reassured low rates and monetary accommodation are still the norm. The Aussie is up a little, the US dollar is up a little and gold is holding steady. And there’s absolutely no market-moving events to speak of today, at least in Asia. That’s all left the SPI 200 futures pointing to a 27-point gain when the ASX 200 physical market opens at 10am.

2. The South China Sea’s transformation continues. This time it’s Itu Aba’s turn. The rock is part of the Taiwan-occupied Spratly group, and has four new odd-shaped structures:

Picture: Google Earth

The structures could not be seen on satellite imagery in January, and are “about three or four storeys tall”, reports the SCMP. Itu Aba – also known as Taiping – has been claimed by China, Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines but it looks like Taiwan has decided to take the lead in expanding its anti-aircraft capabilities.

3. This is better:

That’s too-soon-departed architect Zaha Hadid’s highly anticipated shipping port which looks like a floating ship made of diamonds. When she died in March, Hadid left behind 13 designs in various states of completion. The extraordinary port – in the “diamond city ‘ of Antwerp, is one of four set to open by the end of this year.

4. The other Hadid, Gigi, is just as boss. Here’s she is delivering a wicked elbow to the head of a clown who lifted her off the ground claiming it was some sort of protest:

Then Hadid wanted some more, chasing after the “piece of s..t”.

5. Yahoo haemorrhaging 500 million user details is potentially a terrible thing for those users. But right now, it’s likely Yahoo’s management are more concerned about how it affects Verizon’s agreement to buy the company for nearly $US5 billion. Yahoo only told Verizon of the breach two days ago, but reportedly knew of it just a couple of days after the price was agreed upon. So it seems Yahoo has kept Verizon – and more importantly, 500 million account holders – in the dark for 52 days while their accounts and passwords were being sold on the dark web.

6. Of course, if letting someone see your emails and messages means you’ll make more money, it’s game on. Professor Brian Uzzi at the Kellogg School of Management has developed a system that could alert traders or their respective companies of their emotional states — through analysing their emails and instant messages in real time.

7. Donald Trump has a big lead over Hillary Clinton in a national poll. No, wait – Hillary Clinton has a big lead over Donald Trump in a national poll. Ah, fuggedaboutit. Here’s Clinton dodging the question on what happens if she’s the first girl US president and gets pregnant on ‘Between Two Ferns’:

8. The best business podcast in Australia got a little bit bester. Federal treasurer Scott Morrison dropped in to chat with us and we made him talk for ages about:

  • The technology meltdown for the ASX
  • Australia’s jobs data
  • The limits of monetary stimulus
  • Welfare reform
  • Wages growth and the rise of part-time employment
  • Heat in the housing market

And the footy finals. You can find the show on iTunes or just listen to it here while you work your way towards the Bonus Item:

And here’s why Morrison thinks fintech disruption will force Australia’s major banks to lift their game.

9. Want to watch as the cabin of a Jetstar flight fills with smoke, forcing it to land? You’re welcome.

10. Finding your Patronus is a special moment for wizards at Hogwart’s. Now, thanks to the magic of Pottermore, you too can appropriate Native American culture experience the wonder of bonding with an animal, by answering handful of questions. This is J.K. Rowlings’:

BONUS ITEM: A BMW that is “more than meets the eye”:

Have a great weekend. Go the Swans.

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