10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Now that’s entertainment. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. Albert Edwards said Brexit will be good for the UK. Goldman Sachs said relax, Brexit will be nowhere near as bad as Lehman Brothers. All the polls said the UK will remain in the EU. They may as well call it off now and save everyone the time, trouble and expense.

2. ASX traders are playing the waiting game. Local stocks closed fractionally lower yesterday, trading a paltry $3.93 billion. And while US stocks rallied a little on the boost from Europe and UK markets, the S&P 500 dropped back from near 2100 to close down 3 points at 2085. SPI futures are under pressure and the September contract is down 16 points this morning at 5201. The Aussie dollar is fairly crackling upward this morning.

3. There’s just nine days to go in one of the most uninspiring federal election campaigns in living memory, with most polls having the major parties locked in a tie. That means it’s time to roll out the scare campaigns. Malcolm Turnbull is so desperate to get some eyes he’s even resorted to “chaos on Australia’s borders” if the ALP is elected. Yes, Turnbull is actually snatching for the “Stop the boats” vote. While Bill Shorten tries to assure voters Turnbull will smash Medicare apart, despite not really having any proof of that. All good, old-fashioned scaremongering and lies, like what politics used to be. Now we’re getting somewhere.

4. And here’s the irrefutable truth that Shorten’s Seinfeld campaign against nothing is actually making voters think “Hang on, maybe there is something.” Clever, clever.

5. Footy. And it’s the Maroons again, back on the winning bandwagon and making it 10 State of Origin titles out of 11. Dana Gagai led Queensland to a 26-16 win with a hat-trick of tries, including this 80m clean set of heels:

6. In the Euro soccers, some results happened. Then Cristiano Ronaldo threw a reporter’s microphone in the lake and that is all you need to know today:

7. Do like a bit of peace and quiet on your flights? This is the quietest seat on an aeroplane. And we know because a JetBlue pilot told us so.

8. It’s hard to believe there was a time when people thought Nickelback were talented musicians. But 15 years ago, they had a No 1 single, and Mac OS X was launched. Since then, Mac OS X has steadily improved and this year, the update will be known as macOS. Codenamed Sierra, Steve Kovach has been testing it for several weeks. He said there are tons of changes, and they all add up to a significant improvement for the Mac. Here’s his very extensive rundown of what you’ll soon be getting. And here’s Nickelback being used at a Cavaliers home final recently to drum up support against the visiting Warriors:

9. Do you remember your wedding day? ‘Course you do. So do Johnny Benson and Laura Loretz of Fort Collins, Colorado, because when they were out posing for photos, Johnny got bit by a rattlesnake. The snapper shared some of the photos of her most memorable job on Facebook:

Couple-wedding-rattlesnake-photoFacebook/Maddie MaeJohnny Benson and Laura Loretz pose for their wedding photographer after Johnny was bitten by a rattlesnake.

There’s more pics here.

10. A famous musician who wasn’t in Nickelback once said “You can’t always get what you want”. But you definitely won’t get something you don’t even ask for. That’s one of the most necessary truths BI’s Libby Kane has learned about the working world, which has also been one of the hardest for her to swallow.

BONUS ITEM: In case you ever thought bouncy castles never really sailed away:

Have a great day.

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