10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. Brexit. That’s your word of the week after several high profile British MPs – including London mayor Boris Johnson – backed a British exit from the EU when the country votes on it in a June 23 referendum. Traders are already taking a pasting, but here at home, the March SPI 200 was flat at 4,919 when it closed on Saturday morning and the Aussie is still around 0.7150. Today and tomorrow we have earnings reports from the big miners, so that could light a fire of some sort.

2. And there’s plenty of other juicy data coming. The week ahead sees the release of important US GDP data, Japanese CPI, Australian CapEx data and an IEA global outlook for oil. Woo. But first up today is RBA assistant governor Guy Debelle, who’s having his say on interest rate benchmarks at a capital markets conference. That’s certain to draw interest. Here’s Greg McKenna’s diary for the week ahead.

3. Smartphones. All the best new ones are being rolled out right now at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. And it looks like Samsung is back in the game, with a gorgeous new Galaxy S7 bringing back a couple of old features fans used to love. We have all the details, plus the release date and price in Australia here. If you’re looking for something a little different, LG’s H5 has a very interesting bit at the bottom of it:

And HP is going for broke with the highest-end Windows device you’ll see this year.

4. Apple is having a grand old time refusing to help the FBI access San Bernardino terror suspect Syed Rizwan Farook’s iCloud account. The latest news is the FBI reset Farook’s iCloud password, so now Apple knows that, it’s claiming its hands are tied and just can’t help, sorry. Both are hilarious. On one hand, you’ve got the world’s supposedly top secret agency admitting it can’t hack iCloud, while on the other, the world’s top tech company saying it won’t allow its iCloud security to ever be compromised. But remember that time redditors threw a weeks-long internet party sharing hundreds of celebrity nude pics? Yeah, the ones stored on iCloud.

5. A new poll says Labor is level with the Turnbull government, which is going to cause all sorts of headaches for a PM agonising over taxation reform. Turnbull remains overwhelmingly the preferred prime minister 55-21, but the 50-50 result on the two-party preferred measure throws up a couple of things to consider. Namely, Turnbull’s inability to clearly direct tax reform, and for the other side, the fact it’s just one attractive leader away from winning an election.

6. Is your 11-year-old kid argumentative? Refusing to clean his room, put shoes on before going outside, or get to the dinner table on time? Stick it out – so was Bill Gates, and a new study connects that sort of behaviour with earning a high income later in life. Not that it’s any guarantee of making your life better, but you know, something about hope and all that…

7. Keep Sydney open, said 15,000 placard-bearing bright young things marching through the city’s CBD yesterday, matched by thousands of tweets hashtagged #keepsydneyopen. Some of them weren’t even from the Twitter account of Freelancer boss Matt Barrie.

Here are all the good pics, tweets and demands from protestors seeking, among other things, and end to the 1.30am lockout, the appointment of a Night Mayor, and late-night public transport, like in Melbourne.

8. If you can’t wait for your little Gates to grow up and pay off your mortgage for you, check out these seven TED talks. We chose them because, as the best TEDs do, they might alter the way you think about money, and how you choose to save, spend and earn.

9. Sometimes celebrities say racist things and you think “I can’t believe they just said that”. And then there are people like Rob Thomas, the guy from the 90s out of Matchbox 20, who say racist things and you just have to keep reading it over and over again in total bewilderment.

10. The cricket’s interesting, isn’t it? On Saturday, Kiwi captain Brendan McCullum blasted the fastest Test century in history off 54 balls, taking his side to 370 runs and all out on the first day. Now, here we are with Australia at 4 for – you guessed it – about 370, looking to add another sensible hundred or two and perhaps claim a second outright win in as many Tests.


Have a great day.

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