10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Good morning.

1. Tsunami alert. A massive earthquake struck this morning just 67km off the coast of Japan, and 10km deep, prompting the alarming alert “TSUNAMI HEIGHT MAY BE 3 METRES ON COAST OF FUKUSHIMA”. We’re updating throughout the morning.

2. The record highs keep coming. Last night it was the S&P 500’s turn, blasting through 2197. It finished down a bit from that, but all the big three US indices were up for the day once again. Oil and metals helped out a bit, and all up, it points to a good day on the ASX. SPI traders have marked the December futures contract up 35 points.

3. Elon Musk’s company SpaceX won’t be developing any commercial transport system labelled “hyperloop”, but Musk is happy to support the idea by building a track on which to test hyperloop pods in a competition weekend at the end of January. And the Australian entry is a 30-strong team from RMIT, with this:

VicHyper pod (source: supplied)

VicHyper hopes to one day be part of a bid to build a hyperloop between Melbourne and Sydney capable of pushing commuters at 1200km/h. That’s great news for Melburnians, because they will be able to get to Sydney in 50 minutes.

4. That’s as long as it will take you to charge your electric car on the same trip – twice. But it’s also nowhere near as sexy as this NIO EP9, NextEV’s electric supercar which just hit 312km/h and set a new lap record for EVs at Nürburgring.

5. Trump’s advisors will be an interesting bunch. He’s already got outspoken billionaire gay “vampire” Peter Thiel working on his transition, which is an unorthodox win for diversity. Listening to Myron Ebell, who is not a scientist, and has no degrees or qualifications in climate science, on matters regarding climate change? Not so good. Considering retiring Marine General James Mattis for defence secretary? Perfect. Especially given this email “Mad Dog” sent out once about why he totes around a 6000-book library with him wherever he goes.

6. Hate candles? That’s probably because you’ve been burning them wrong your whole life, turning them into waxy craters which cause you to burn your thumb on the metal bit of the lighter. Here’s how to work them properly and here’s a startlingly long read about why we stick them on our birthday cakes.

7. People are saying Gigi Hadid’s Melania Trump impression is awful because it’s racist. They’re wrong. It’s awful because it’s not funny. In fact, it’s about as funny as this attempt to launch a career by saying something offensive about the Queen. You can watch it here, but seriously, your time will be better spent on the loo or trimming some candle wicks.

8. Now this. This is funny:

It’s also why fluorescent away uniforms are a terrible idea.

9. We’re all taught that its rude not to look at someone when you’re talking to them. But science says it may be just because we’re looking for a word and our brains can’t do two things at once so well.

10. “Business casual” is the dress code everyone dreads. So we asked a style expert what “business casual” actually means. Donald Trump, pay attention – your ties are horrible.

BONUS ITEM: Normally, this type of Dude Perfect video is the end result of days, weeks and terabytes spent trying to film a ridiculous shot. But “Derek” nailed it on his third attempt:

The best part? Derek and his “How Ridiculous” teamsters are Aussies.

Stay safe, Japan.

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