10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Just another day in downtown Madrid. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. How much trouble is Trump in? Even Texas is turning blue.

2. Markets are snoozing, waiting for mores clues about US rates in 2016. US stocks were largely unchanged and futures traders unexcited about the ASX today. The December SPI 200 contract dipped just one point and the Aussie appears to have found its footing.

3. You’ve probably heard enough about how you can give up your smashed avocado on toast and you’ll save $22 a week. Of course, that was a statement by demographer Bernard Salt that was never meant to be taken literally. If you start work at 20 in Sydney, you’ll need to give up about $300 a week for 10 years for a deposit on your first home at 30. In Sydney, that’s a not-unreasonable 20%. So here’s how BI’s Emmie Martin fared when she gave up 50% of her income for a month.

4. There’s a new player in the war to keep Australia’s largest cattle farm, S. Kidman and Co., in Australian hands. Four Australian graziers have banded together to top Gina Rinehart’s $365 million bid for the 101,000 square kilometre holding.

5. The US Fed is running the show, and has been for much of 2016, hogging the limelight with continued hints at rate rises. That’s why you need data, and Greg McKenna has loads of it. There’s not a lot to report in Australia this week, but CPI on Wednesday is worth watching. The US has something mildly juicy every day leading up to the Fed media lockdown ahead of its November 3 meeting. And – because it’s the last week of the month – it’s also quiet everywhere else, apart from the first cut of Q3 GDP in post-Brexit poll UK. Check it all out in McKenna’s NAB-powered diary.

6. Would you have looked at this picture and invested?

You’re supposed to say “no”, but if you hadn’t invested, you would have missed out on Microsoft in 1978. Here’s where all those pallid complexes, glasses and beards are now. And here’s a great story from the first guy that Steve Jobs ever fired.

7. The podcast is in and this week we’re joined by by James Whelan, investment manager at VFS Group, as we talk about China’s ever-growing debt pile, the problems with Australia‚Äôs jobs data from the ABS and taking things too literally. As usual, it’s a cracker. You can find the show on iTunes or listen in below:

8. This was an alarming moment in American football:

TCU defensive lineman Aaron Curry started choking on his chin strap.

9. Our defence experts don’t just keep us safe. They are also excellent at organising stuff, handling pressure and sniffing out advantages, which make them great business advisers. So here’s how a former Marine uses the two-minute rule to tackle stress at work, and this is why we should do something that sucks every day, according to a Navy SEAL.

10. Here’s something to think about, from Science. Just because we haven’t found aliens doesn’t mean they haven’t found us.

Have a great week.

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