10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

2016 Specialised Venge bike full pictureDaniel McMahon/Business InsiderThe world’s hottest new road bike – officially live at the Tour de France on July 4.

Good morning.

1. Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman is very particular. The 56-year-old Aussie is big on goal-setting and list-keeping, according to a Bloomberg profile. He doesn’t believe in micromanaging, just making sure everyone knows he knows what their targets are. And before he goes to bed, he does this one super type-A thing every single night.

2. The local market yesterday was… interesting. The rally was solid after the strong lead from offshore, but it was more than double what futures suggested yesterday morning. It won’t go up everyday and Greg McKenna reckons today looks like heavy going for the index. But support has certainly been in evidence since the recent lows.

3. It was an amazing day’s trade in Asia, where the Nikkei surged 1.87% to another 15-year high, but Shanghai held court with some amazing volatility. The composite index opened around Friday’s close before plunging to a low of 4265 – a fall of 4.75%. It rallied a little just before lunch and then, once money flowed back to punters who missed IPOs last week, the market surged to close up more than 2%.

4. The ABC let an extremist sympathiser into the Q&A show Monday night and threw to him for a comment. Zaky Mallah – who was once convicted of threatening to kill ASIO officials – used his 15 seconds to say that Liberal policy means Muslims are justified in leaving to join ISIS in Syria. Not surprisingly, it was a tough day in the office at ABC HQ yesterday. And this front page from the Courier-Mail today isn’t going to ease the pressure one bit:

5. RBA board member John Edwards popped up on the ABC yesterday for a chat with Ticky Fullerton, host of The Business. He was pretty upbeat, especially in regard to exports, and even kind of okay with the strong Aussie dollar. Edwards is a big player, and when he’s upbeat, it’s worth checking out. Here’s what he had to say.

6. Lab results on the KFC “deep-fried rat” are in. Facebook user Devorise Dixon lit up the social network with this picture of a “rat” he found in his three-piece tender meal. (He even called it “rubbery”, Benny Hill fans.)

Cue millions of Facebookers sharing the public service warning about never visiting KFC again. But when Dixon refused to have the meat tested, KFC’s lawyers stepped in, took possession and an independent lab confirmed what everyone else already knew – that Dixon is about to have his a..e sued.

7. The hottest new bike on the planet will make its debut under Brit rider’s Mark Cavendish’s bum when the Tour de France wheels off on July 4. It is the Specialised S-Works Venge ViAS, and Specialised claim it’s the fastest in the world. And you can bet there’ll be a shocking number of office lackeys willing to sell a kidney for the $16,000 they’ll need just so their boss might choose them for a chat on Saturday morning’s compulsory office fitness fun time. Here’s what they’ll get.

8. Here’s the latest update on the world’s largest workforces. How the job satisfaction among your 3.2 million employees right now?

9. Free houses! If you’re sick of trying to get into Sydney, try Sicily. They sound the same after a few beers anyway and if you’re a good renovator, you can shift into your news digs in Gangi with barely a deposit. There’s 200 homes left, and they’ve been empty since residents bolted for New York in the 40s for a mafia career better life. Here’s how to apply.

10. Queen Elizabeth doesn’t need a free house. She’s so minted she can hand over $10.2 million for this New York three-bedder. She bought it in 50 United Nations Plaza, and plumped for the “Right of New Zealand” enclave.

BONUS ITEM: File under “Stuff You Couldn’t Write If You Tried”. Fox News anchor Pete Hegseth had a crack at hitting a wooden bullseye with an axe. He missed, and hit a guy playing a drum behind it.

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