10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

The view from Puerto Varas as ash and lava spew from the Calbuco volcano.

Good morning, happy Friday.

1. It’s Anzac Day tomorrow, and not just a regular one (if any could be considered regular). It’s 100 years since the landings at Gallipoli, and young Aussie soldier Eric Whitehead had no idea that’s where he was headed when he joined the 8th Light Horse Regiment in 1915. Sadly, Whitehead’s new career ended just months later when he was killed by shrapnel at Lone Pine, but his life lives on in these fascinating letters from the trenches recently released by his great niece.

2. Asian markets were fairly quiet yesterday, with Shanghai failing to rip higher on the hopes of more monetary stimulus. All the big market news was the Nasdaq, hitting an all-time closing record of 5056. That’s the highest closing high since March 2000.

3. The euro is back above 1.08 and the dollar bloc of Aussie, Kiwi and CAD are all stronger. The NAB reckons there’ll be no rate cut in May, meaning it now expects the Aussie to hit 78 cents and hold there to end the June quarter around current levels. That’s up from the previous forecast of 75 cents.

4. Mergers and acquisitions had a boom year in 2014. But 2015 looks even better in Australia, according to early back room deal data aggregated by Intralinks. Intralinks runs virtual deal rooms where parties to M&A can lodge confidential documents. It said the value of announced deals in the March quarter was up over 50% year-on-year. Many of the replacement mergers and acquisitions are coming from high tech, it said.

5. Global warming slowdown? There’s no such thing, says research published in the journal Nature Climate Change, which shows recent slowing in the rise of average global temperatures will have no impact on projections for 2100. And it’s definitely too late to save this chunk of iceberg that NASA snapped breaking off Antarctica. It’s roughly the size of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

6. A volcano in Chile has erupted, and it’s a good one. Here’s an incredible timelapse of fire, ash and smoke filling the sky.

7. Earnings. Microsoft, Google and Amazon are all out. Google whiffed, Microsoft beat and Amazon’s cloud business is booming.

8. The two Bali 9 members on death row are all but out of time. News Ltd reports foreign embassies have been summoned to a 10am meeting tomorrow, hinting Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran will soon be given 72 hours’ notice of their death along with the eight other prisoners waiting alongside them on Nusa Kambangan. The island houses only males, so news that the sole woman amongst the group joined them just hours ago is ominous.

9. On the internet, everyone can be a star. Even this vacuum cleaner repairman, who is a reddit favourite for his advice on all things that suck. In 2013, he hit fame by trashing Dyson, saying they’re great if you’re the kind of person who drives a Kia and enjoy having your stuff in the garage a lot and like to wait two weeks for parts. Ouch. Now he’s been given a shot at designing his own vacuum cleaner.

10. It’s Friday, so have some fun. There’s few better laughs to be had than with this Chinese app that turns you into an hilarious dancing cartoon.

Have a great weekend.

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