10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Robbie on the rise. Picture: Paramount Pictures

1. The human emoji Julie Bishop rolled her eyes behind Joe Hockey’s back. Of course, it was caught on camera:

Hockey was paying tribute to former PM Malcolm Fraser, praising him for establishing the Expenditure Review Committee which runs the budget. Bishop’s eye-roll is being seen as a sign of deep division in the Abbott government.

2. The local stock market disappointed many yesterday given futures indicated it could take out the elusive 6,000 level. It couldn’t. Not only that, it once again turned away from a very important trendline which is acting as overhead resistance. With little lead today from offshore, stocks might struggle. But in Asia yesterday, it was another stunning day of rallies. The Shanghai Composite rallied hard again, up 1.95% to 3,687 while the CSI300 was 2.04% higher to 2,972. There are reports that it’s the longest rally since 2007.

3. The Aussie dollar was the standout currency overnight, rallying 1.48% to sit at 0.7880 this morning in what’s been a wild month for the battler. The US dollar was under pressure again, losing 0.96% in USD Index terms, which helped the euro rally 1.2%.

4. On the data front, it’s flash PMI day with China kicking things off at 12.45pm AEDT, followed by a number of other countries releasing their early estimates of PMI for this month. UK and US CPI will be very important in gauging the intentions of the BoE and Fed in regard to interest rates.

5. Former Australian prime minister Bob Hawke is walking with a cane. The man who is almost as legendary as his Labor PM predecessor Gough Whitlam was looking frail at a net session with the Australian cricket team yesterday:

Picture: Getty Images

Hopefully, it’s just a temporary condition. He still managed to crack the guys up with a couple of bawdy jokes.

6. The parking garage at Cheung Kong Center in Hong Kong is incredible. It’s the home of Goldman Sachs, Jefferies, RBS, BlackRock, and of course, Li Ka Shing, who has an indoor pool and private garden on the top floor. So you could expect it to hold some amazing cars… but it still makes for a jaw-dropping, five-minute drive-through.

7. Margot Robbie is the hottest thing in Hollywood. Yet another star from the Neighbours factory, Robbie made it big in Wolf of Wall Street by denying Leonardo DiCaprio sex, and suddenly she’s got a packed schedule ahead, including not one, but two superhero movies (even if they are DC ones). So here’s the Margot Robbie “Life in Pictures” post you’ve been waiting for.

8. Aussie email marketing software company Campaign Monitor has new digs which are a far from the early days when founders Ben Richardson and Dave Greiner established the platform in a spare room at Richardson’s father’s house. With a 40-storey view over Sydney’s CBD, it’s not all about the clicheed ping pong tables. The open plan features 88 empty desks – a sign of bigger things to come. It also features a full-sized commercial kitchen run by a classically trained French chef who makes cherry and walnut brownies to die for. And ping pong tables.

9. Master motivator Tony Robbins shared a couple of personal secrets last night on Farnoosh Torabi’s So Money podcast. He’s a big fan of ice baths, for starters. And there’s one luxury he’s bought into that has changed his life – private flights. Seriously, try it, he urges.

10. Is your boss wrong? Here’s how to tell her without getting fired.

BONUS ITEM: Friends mashups, like Lolcats and Downfall parodies, are internet things that never get old. So here’s today’s instalment for The Avengers :

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