10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

She’s cool with that, just an honest mistake. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. The search for Santa is now reaching “The Force Awakens”-like fever pitch. Elena Holodny from BI US is on the case and it seems the big guy these days prefers to come after Dec 25, saving the rally for the Boxing Day Test match. But ASX traders have long given up and are doing a good job of holding up regardless. Another small gain on the ASX200 of 2 points yesterday was mud in eye of futures traders, who have now come to the party and are pointing to gains of 20 points today.

2. If Santa doesn’t come, the New Year is historically dominated by bears. Which fits in nicely with Goldman Sachs’ outlook for the Australian economy in 2016. They even managed to fit it all in this single slide.

3. Be excellent to one another, and not just because it’s Christmas. The NSW government wants motorists and cyclists to be friends, and cyclists and pedestrians to be friends. So roads minister Duncan Gay has upped the fines for cycling infringements by up to 600% and forced adult riders to carry photo ID. Run a red light or fail to stop at a crossing and you’ll cop the same fine as a motorist – $425. And if you’re behind the wheel, you’ll wear a $319 fine and two demerit points if if you don’t maintain a safe distance when overtaking a cyclist. Simon Thomsen has all the new rules and revenue fines here.

4. What happens when you sign a deal to supply your technology to Boeing and Delta Airlines? This happens:

Congratulations, ASX-listed Structural Monitoring Systems. If the company name isn’t enough of a hint, here’s what kind of systems Structural Monitoring Systems will be supplying.

5. Science Magazine ignored the Pluto flyby for its “Breakthrough of the Year” and plumped for gene editing in 2015. Mainly because gene editing – “CRISPR” – pretty much rewrote the definition of “from go to whoa” this year. After fumbling around for more than 20 years since finding out how bacteria protects itself by changing up its own DNA, clever people last year cracked the technique to use on mice and this year, humans. Now, we can fix people, even before they’re born, and everyone needs to get up to speed on just how mindblowing that is.

6. Want a job at Apple? For starters, prepare to sit in a room with 12 interviewers. Tim Cook just told “60 Minutes” what Apple looks for in a new employee and why it prefers “wicked smart people who have a point of view”. And Apple is definitely looking for new people, especially ones to replace those who thought the giant iPad would be a big seller in China. In the first month, just 49,000 iPad Pros were activated in China. That’s a touch down on the iPad Air 2 at 557,000.

7. Christmas reading. Once Warner and Burns have knocked up their centuries on Boxing Day, you might want to kick back and start a good read for the holidays. Buy one of these 20 best business books of 2015, slip it into the cover of whichever Peter Fitzsimons’ historical narrative the in-laws gave you for Christmas, and everyone’s happy.

8. Things I Have Never Thought #23: “Oh wow, that’s just like that time when that thing happened on Australia’s Next Top Model.” But apparently I’m the only one after host Steve Harvey announced Miss Colombia won yesterday’s Miss Universe. Because he got it wrong – Miss Philippines did and Miss Colombia had to give her crown back after 90 seconds of elation. Here’s the most heartbroken laugh of 2015:

Then, worse:

The fallout was MEGA. Here’s how it happened, according to Harvey, and the things the real Miss Universe was thinking when it did.

9. When does 5+5+5=not 15? When it’s a question being asked in a US school. Yes, it’s another one of those “Common Core” problems which have kids coming home in tears and parents wondering if the universes switched over while they sleeping. Here’s why the answer is actually, uh, 3+3+3+3+3.

10. Are you eating your lunch alone at your desk? If so, stop it, because you look pathetic and not even busy, which is probably how you’re hoping to look. And if you need a scientific reason for why you should take your cucumber and bloater paste sammich to the lunch room, here it is, and it involves firefighters.

BONUS ITEM: The moment “Star Wars” jumped the shark, decades before we were all forced to agree BB8 was adorable:

Have a better day than Steve Harvey.

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