10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning!

1. Google has severed business ties with Huawei. The Chinese telco was placed on an “entity list” by the US Commerce Department, meaning US companies – Google included – must obtain government permission before dealing with them. some Google Android users.

2. It’s official. The Coalition looks set to lock down a majority government with the ABC’s election computers officially predicting they’ll claim at least 77 seats, one more than the required 76 to take control of the House of Representatives. Here’s what to expect from the Morrison Government 2.0.

3. Facebook is using its data to help fight diseases. With a treasure trove of data on 2.4 billion people, the social network has announced it will use it for good, sharing maps showing human movement and population density with researchers and health organisations in a bid to tackle epidemics and outbreaks of illness.

4. Dark skies ahead. Aussie investment manager, Blue Sky, has entered receivership. The company is faltering after a heated, 12-month dispute with US-based hedge fund Glaucus Research, which saw $800 million wiped from its shareholder value.

5. A new contender. Labor campaign spokesperson and former shadow finance minister Jim Chalmers is “seriously considering” running in the party’s leadership ballot, the ABC has reported. Chalmers is from Queensland — where the Labor Party failed to win a single seat north of the Brisbane River on Saturday — and a member of the Right faction, unlike current leadership contender Anthony Albanese, who is from the Left. Previous contender Tanya Plibersek has ruled herself out due to family commitments.

6. Game Of Thrones is at an end. The finale was HBO’s most watched episode of all time, beating the record previously set by The Sopranos. But there are 22 details in yesterday’s finale that you might have missed. Warning: spoilers ahead.

7. Millenial gap. Millennials are poorer and own less property than previous generations, despite having more education. Baby boomer men who worked full-time and were heads of households earned 27% more than millennial men, while 24% of Baby boomer women had higher incomes than millennial women, according to the Wall Street Journal.

8. Australia prepares for Click Frenzy. The nation’s answer to Black Friday has some of the best shopping deals you can find and kicks off at 7pm AEST tonight. Lifehacker has helpfully prepared some of the best so far.

9. Professional gamers can get paid up to $50,000 an hour. All they have to do is play newly-released games. Video game publishers are paying popular streamers to promote their games in lieu of traditional marketing strategies, and so far it’s been working.

10. Aussie man finds gold nugget worth $68,000. The unidentified man literally struck gold while wandering around rural Western Australia with a metal detector.


Australia is no stranger to random and horrifying snake stories, so it’s almost nice to know we’re not alone. A woman found a snake coiled in her shopping cart at a Trader Joe’s in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and now her Facebook post is spreading horror worldwide.

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