10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Tharaka Basnayaka/NurPhoto via Getty Images.Sri Lankan military officers conduct inspections and repairs inside the St. Sebastians church where a bomb blast took place in the town of Negombo, 30kms off capital city, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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1. Almost 300 people have died in bombings in Sri Lanka. Bombs exploded during Easter services in Sri Lanka on Sunday, hitting St Anthony’s shrine, two other churches and three luxury hotels in a targeted attack. The Sri Lankan government has banned social media sites (including Facebook and What’s App) in order to curb the spread of misinformation. They have also instilled a curfew on residents from 8pm to 4am.

2. The Mueller report was released last week and Trump’s gone into full Twitter response mode. The latest response from Trump is “Nobody disobeys my orders,” despite several citations where staff have had to deliberately ignore and disobey orders from Trump that were considered wildly detrimental to the administration. Here’s our summary of the Mueller report’s biggest takeaways.


3. Tesla left in the lurch. The ongoing Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigations are underway into Elon Musk’s Twitter activity, and four of Tesla’s board members have announced that they will not be pursuing reelection at the end of their term. Looks like a major upheaval is ahead with two of the members’ terms ending in June.

4. The Aussie dollar dips back into its comfort zone, sitting at 0.71 this morning. There were no signs of life, despite a rise in iron ore and crude oil yesterday. Read more.

Investing.comAUD/USD Hourly Chart

5. The Samsung Galaxy fold release has been delayed. The “new mobile category”, as they call it, is a world-first folding phone, however a number of reviewers last week revealed massive issues with the phone, including screen damage during use. The phone is still a marvel of technology, but Samsung needs a little more time to perfect it.

6. Huawei keeps growing despite government bans. The Chinese telecomms provider has been banned from rolling out 5G networks in Australia and the U.S. while under intense scrutiny over spying allegations. But that hasn’t stopped Huawei from sustaining its market presence as the third largest smartphone maker in the world. The company has just revealed it’s first quarterly earning report, showing a 39% rise in revenue to 179.7 billion yuan (US$26.81 billion).

7. ICYMI: Aussie businesses are cutting staff. There are pressures on Australian business owners with the demand for new work stuck in a rut. The Commonwealth Bank’s Flash Composite PMI showed a minor improvement in activity levels over the last quarter, but economists’ outlook is dim.

8. India and the U.S. have teamed up for a massive naval operation. The two nations have signed an agreement for sharing operational intelligence in real time to monitor activity from Chinese submarines and naval assets. Last week, the alliance undertook their first operation — anti-submarine warfare exercises. The drill was used to guarantee procedures between the two naval teams were seamless.

9. Time to train up. A new report shows that companies could be saving money by retraining existing staff rather than replacing them with already tech-trained staff. Large employers, like General Motors, are facing losses of billions of dollars through layoffs and restructuring. However, a Wall Street Journal Report has shown how companies can save money, simply by training staff to better adapt to technological change.

10. The perfect game. A professional gambler in the US has dominated the TV game show Jeopardy! by using betting techniques to break the record for the highest earnings in one day, receiving US$131,127 for the perfect game with no wrong answers. He’s currently on a 12-day winning streak. Here’s the hacks that he’s using.

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