10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Mike Cannon-Brookes (R) with his co-founder Scott Farquhar. Image: Atlassian.

It’s Friday. Stay golden.

1. Australia’s Young Rich List has been revealed, with the Atlassian founders taking out top honours valued by the AFR at a collective $26.7 billion. There are plenty of debutants on the list as well, with Finder founder Fred Schebesta getting a run with a personal fortune of almost $200 million — not bad for a guy who survived off canned spaghetti for two years.

2. Ever wondered how Australia’s rich live? Wonder no more. The latest property analysis reveals just how expensive the top 2% of the market has gotten. On average, you’d need more than $2 million to enter the club nationally and more than $3.2 million to get into the Sydney chapter. The most exclusive suburb alone requires more than $6 million to be the top of the pops. Better start investing.

3. US Presidential hopeful Joe Biden tried to win Latino support but ended up getting trolled by the US President instead. Announcing a new outreach program called “Todos Con Biden,” (Everyone with Biden), the campaign forgot to register the domain name and Trump snapped it up instead. The President is now trolling him on it, as well as on Facebook and Twitter pages with the same name.

4. It’s been revealed that WeWork, Elon Musk-founded OpenAI and the World Economic Forum all teamed up last year in an effort to take over an old US army base. The bizarre project proposed to turn it into a “campus for change” but was rejected because it was thought to be financially-motivated, rather than philanthropic. Strange bedfellows.

5. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has attacked Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg at a Twitter event. In reaction to a speech Zuck gave last week, claiming Facebook was a platform for “voice and inclusion” and its decision to not censor political adds, Dorsey said: “We talk a lot about speech and expression and we don’t talk about reach enough, and we don’t talk about amplification.” He also said Zuckerberg had tried to change the founding story of Facebook and slammed it as “revisionist history”.

6. Where’s George Calombaris? Two of the former Masterchef judges Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan are returning to TV on rival Network Seven but the third “musketeer” is nowhere to be seen. Strange considering how the three recommitted to how inseparable they are after being let go by Ten. Instead, Matt and Gary will join lovable Frenchman Manu to host a new show named — wait for it — ‘Plate of Origin’. Oh, how the mighty fall.

7. Chinese-owned TikTok could soon be under investigation by US intelligence for being a potential national security threat. It comes after two senators asked officials to look into the social media app, which has been downloaded more than half a billion times worldwide. At this stage, is there any social media that isn’t considered suspect?

8. Video footage has emerged that appears to show war crimes being committed against Kurdish civilians by Turkish forces in Syria, the US envoy to Syria has revealed. It comes just weeks after the US began pulling troops out of Syria, and Turkish and Russian forces consolidated their power.

9. Not for the first time, Tesla has proved its critics wrong, after it reported it had returned to profitability for the first time in 2019. Analysts had said it was destined to post a loss, seeing its stock jump 19% as investors piled back into the automaker. Musk now claims the latest Model Y is going to outsell all the other models combined.

10. The Hong Kong protests and trade war are starting to bite in Australia, with Qantas taking a $330 million hit after it revealed the damage its bottom line has sustained from the two. Not the development the airline was hoping for after landing its first New York- Sydney direct flight on Sunday.

Bonus item

Watch this male seahorse giving birth to 1000s of spawn like the buoyant saxophone it is. Consider it Mother Nature’s gift from me to you. Enjoy your weekend and see you on Monday.

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