10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

She’ll be back. Picture: TriStar Pictures

Good morning.

1.The US Fed held, with a hawkish lean that sticks to its forecast of a rate hike in December, and three next year. Markets rose a little and Michael Bloomberg says he “cannot for the life of me understand why the market keeps going up“. Warren Buffett says the Dow might climb over 1,000,000 – in 100 years. But the big news was the Fed announced it would begin shrinking its $US4.4 trillion balance sheet. The last time it tried that – just after the Great Depression – didn’t end so well. It all made for a wild night for the Aussie. And today, RBA governor Philip Lowe gives his anticipated “The Next Chapter” speech in Perth.

2. Two of the eight strongest storms in Atlantic history have hit the Caribbean this year. Right now, it’s Maria’s turn, and she just switched of the lights in the home of Despacito. Puerto Rico is 100% without electricity right now. Some 70,000 homes still hadn’t got the power back on after Irma knocked it out a fortnight ago. But of all the images of destruction circling the internet, this one is getting the most playback:

Apparently, that “pinhole” eye doesn’t bode well for the US-owned Virgin Islands, next in Maria’s path. Floridians can thank Tropical Storm Jose for relief, as it looks like it will bump Maria north.

3. Here’s something we haven’t seen in a while – US President Donald Trump’s approval rating actually rose.

4. Sarah Connor will return. James Cameron has wrestled back control of his Terminator franchise and has got Linda Hamilton on-board for a sequel that hopefully says this to all the rubbish that came after Terminator 2: Judgment Day:

Arnold is back, obviously, but Cameron said Hollywood was overdue for a 50-60 year old woman to be “out there killing bad guys”. And the first trailer for the Tomb Raider reboot is out, with a much more athletic Lara Croft and a nice arsenal of deadly weapons.

5. Meanwhile, Ben Gilbert spent an hour playing with Mario’s nipples crazy new title for the Nintendo Switch and can confirm that yes, the Italian former plumber is completely hairless below his top lip, and that Super Mario Odyssey is insane and delightful. But the biggest news in gaming this year is tantalisingly close – Minecraft fans could soon be able to play together no matter what console they’re using.

6. Amazon has decided to review its website after the UK’s Channel 4 News reported the ecommerce giant kept showing this if customers bought one of the ingredients:

Picture: Amazon/Channel 4 UK

Yep, that’s how Walter White might make thermite. Listings for other chemical compounds suggested customers might also like to consider steel ball bearings, push button switches, battery connectors and cables.

7. Business Insider editor-in-chief Henry Blodget got one of the world’s most successful investors in for a chat. What followed was a fascinating, wide-ranging interview in which, among many things, Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio discusses how his “radically transparent” work culture operates – and how to bet on the future.

8. We’re not saying it’s a good future bet, but anyone holding HTC shares through the company’s 94% fall over the last six years might be feeling good about tomorrow’s trading halt. There’s a chance it’s because Google might have bought the company.

9. Apparently, the new Apple Watch stinks. In particular, the expensive version’s LTE connection and battery life – pretty much why you’d buy it – suck, literally. But you might be enjoying iOS 11 right now anyway, and we’ve got some more good news for you – here are its best hidden features.

10. Want to see how many people Kim Jong Un’s new bomb would kill in your city? Nuke Map has some new features which let you drop it anywhere you like. We have to say, the result for Launceston was almost disappointing – just 38,000 dead. But you can now export Nuke Map’s outcomes to Google Earth, and get some nifty 3D effects of how big the fireball and mushroom cloud would be:

Picture: Google Earth/Nuke Map

BONUS ITEM: One for the bass nerds – enjoy this glorious seven minute lesson:

Have a great day.

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