10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Whose side are you on? Picture: HBO

Good morning.

1. Futures traders think the ASX can recover from its largest single session fall since the US presidential election in November. Some were putting that down to money moving back to China after its shares will now be included on MSCI’s Emerging Market Index. In the US, oil’s continued fall dragged on markets. The Aussie dollar is still under pressure – although the Kiwi is on a tear – and iron ore is on winning streak that hasn’t been seen in years.

2. No, this is a flash crash:

That’s price action from Ethereum, the poor man’s Bitcoin, overnight. We’re still waiting to find out why. And Bitcoin has had a rollercoaster week. It’s back to $US2600 after threatening to drop below $US2000 just six days ago. That’s because pundits are watching a struggle between two camps about how its trading platform should be used.

3. Samsung Pay has been operating for a year now in Australia. Its main selling point is that you don’t need to carry anything other than a phone or watch around, which makes it extra important that it works 100% of the time. Except it doesn’t, as Tony Yoo has found on several embarrassing occasions. Confidence is everything.

4. “We’ve never had any trouble with Apple Pay,” one Sydney pharmacist told Yoo, annoying every Android user in the world. But annoying is good because if it wasn’t for Steve Jobs’ wife’s friend’s annoying husband who worked at Microsoft, we’d never have had an iPhone. Jobs kept running into this guy at social events and every time “he’d come back pissed off”, iPhone co-inventor Steve Forstall said. Here’s the story of the “breaking point” brag that sent Jobs home with an idea to crush Microsoft.

5. Teach your kids a year’s worth of maths in three weeks? The University of Canberra and Samsung just showed preliminary findings from a research project that they say proves it’s possible.

6. We got a new Game of Thrones trailer, and it was action-packed:

Here’s everything we could unpack from it about what might happen in season 7 when it kicks off on July 16.

7. “After 10 years since first flight, with our first opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities and the manoeuvrability of the F-35, we are going to crush years of misinformation about what this aircraft is capable of doing,” said test pilot Billie Flynn at the Paris Air Show. So he did, and here’s the video that could finally shut down all the haters.

8. In the state opening of the UK Parliament overnight, the Queen read out the government’s plans for a “hard Brexit”, wearing a hat that caused some excitement:

And Jeremy Corbyn didn’t bow. But did he even have to?

9. Eight years ago, Travis Kalanick launched a startup called UberCab in San Francisco. Today, it operates in 600 cities and is said to be worth $US70 billion. Kalanick is worth $US6 of those billion, but he’s no longer CEO after resigning overnight. Here’s a look back at how he got to that point, after first selling knives, then getting sued for $US250 billion.

10. The Blues choked on almost won State of Origin. Here’s Jonathan Thurston slotting the 18-16 sealer in the dying minutes after making 10 tackles with a busted shoulder:

NSW was 16-6 up at halftime, but Queensland winger Dane Gagai crossed twice in the second half as the Blues fumbled a golden chance to take a 2-0 series win for the first time in 14 years. Whoops.

BONUS ITEM: Here’s an injured giant squid rescue effort you don’t see often:

Have a great day, Maroons fans.

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