10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Anzac Day.

1. Dawn services are still under way around the nation, and our returned and serving servicemen and women are on the march. It was on this day 102 years ago that Australian and New Zealand forces landed at Gallipoli, with hopes of eventually capturing the Ottoman capital. 8141 Aussies, 2701 Kiwis and 57,000 Turks lost their lives in the fruitless eight-month battle that followed. In remembering them today, take a look at these pictorials of what life was like in the trenches at Gallipoli, and on the campaign trail, preparing to go “over the top”.

2. Markets are closed in ‘Straya for the national day of respect and remembrance. But if they were open, they’d take off like they did around the world following the first round of the French election. The euro jumped as investors felt pro-EU Macron will win outright on May 7. And US traders couldn’t resist a morsel from Camp Trump that he would fulfill a campaign promise by Trump to lower the rate from the current 35% to 15%.

3. Let’s take one more look at yesterday’s first round in the French election:

Marine Le Pen has stepped down as head of the National Front party and would prefer to be seen running as “the presidential candidate”.

4. What’s it like to start a fintech startup? Chris Pash wanted to know, so he joined the advisory board of Tapview, a fintech micropayment startup. He followed the trio through squatting in an office, to raising their first $100,000, to signing their first partnership deal with a big company. And eating loads of McDonald’s. Here’s their story of the first six months of trying to convince people to pay for a great idea.

5. In war, the US has sent a nuclear sub to join the USS Carl Vinson carrier. Pyongyang claims it will sink a US carrier to demonstrate its might. The F-35 programme will run another six months overtime and cost up to $US1.7 billion extra. And Russia has built an Arctic base:

Arctic TrefoilRussian Defence MinistryRussia’s newest base in the Arctic, the Arctic Trefoil

You can take a “virtual tour” of it here. Kind of.

6. In Sweden, a suburb is redesigning its streets to be “feminist”. And 4000 Canadians will get free money for the next three years. Yes, we’re talking about basic income, the system trialled with varying degress of success in The Netherlands, Finland and California. The Canadian version doles out about $430 a week to random low-income earners, aimed at letting them know “Ontario is with you”.

7. If you’re not confident your government will start handing out cash any time soon, here are three websites a smart job hunter checks every day. And cold calls can work – here’s the LinkedIn message one person sent a CEO that landed them a job.

8. One of Larry Page’s flying cars is flying. Except it’s not a car – it’s a kind of hover-plane, and you can only fly it over water:

Still, it looks like a lot of fun. Here are all the details they released at yesterday’s launch.

9. Meanwhile, legendary car designer Henrik Fisker said his long-range, electric car will be revealed on August 17, and we know it is already beautiful. Apple can’t deny it’s working on a self-driving car any more but it’s catastrophically late to the game. And Amazon is already working on the best ways to do away with human drivers.

10. It doesn’t matter that someone lobbed $US100 million at Juicero to build a machine that squishes juice out of juice bags. Or that you could squeeze said juice out of said juice bags with your hands just as easily. What matters is that juice is bad for you and people simply refuse to stop buying into the biggest health con of our lives.

BONUS ITEM: Forever one of the greatest tributes:

Have a great day. Take it easy, remember them.

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