10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Yes, even Kardashians deserve your sympathy. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. Markets are holding fire. US shares wobbled a little and treasuries rose, while risk appetite was down after the weekend’s G20 trade talks, where US President Trump may have just moved the world closer to a global trade war. The US dollar is down, and the Aussie is holding above 77 cents. Today in Australia, we get house price data.

2. The FBI confirmed it is investigating the possibility of Russian interference in the US election. FBI director James Comey, who was widely lambasted for publicly announcing the FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton’s email use, wasn’t facing the same scrutiny this time around, but he threw in his reason for announcing it this time around, just in case. What followed was a lengthy explanation of all the things he can’t say about what the FBI may or may not be investigating.

3. Immigration minister Peter Dutton recently had a good old swing at social media slacktivists and the frightened CEOs who made business decisions based on online outrage. He pretty much got it right, too. But is it any different to what he tries to do from his podium when he berates business leaders for having a say on marriage equality? No.

4. On Friday, passengers on Rex flight ZL768 from Albury were alarmed to see one of its propellers fall off as it came in to land in Sydney. (It’s somewhere in Camden.)

Yesterday, after four days of having a bit of a think about it all, Rex decided it might withdraw the other five planes with the same propeller gearboxes and shafts until it knows what went wrong.

5. If your wifi is crappy, you might be able to blame your neighbour who’s sharing a channel with you and dragging everything down. Here’s how to fix that.

6. It’s easy to point and laugh at Kim Kardashian and her global empire worth millions built on you pointing and laughing at her. But she just gave a detailed account of what happened when thieves in Paris relieved her of $10 million in jewellery, and there’s nothing funny about crying, begging for your life and preparing to be raped.

7. Getting out of bed is the worst. Anyone who says they’d rather be out of bed than in it simply can’t be trusted, on anything. For all the normal people, here are six science-backed ways to make waking up of bed easier.

8. Won’t somebody just get this map of the Earth right?

That’s the Mercator map, and it cops a lot of flak for making imperialist powers Europe and North America big, and Africa small. So some schools in the US just introduced this map which corrects a few of the real size issues:

Gall petersStrebe / Wikimedia CommonsThe Gall-Peters map.

Only that’s wrong as well, as are four other alternatives that swap in and out. So here’s why you can’t beat a globe.

9. Well, Australia finally managed to bat through a final day. And on the subcontinent no less, to put itself in the box seat to retain the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. It was stirring stuff. Peter Handscomb continued to build an already fine Test batting career by fending off 200 balls in his unbeaten 72 not out, and Shaun Marsh cemented his place in the side until 2049 with a half-century, finally lifting his batting average above his brother’s bowling average.

10. Even better, we won’t have to wait until the Ashes in November to see the Poms smashed. Brit PM Theresa May announced overnight that Article 50 will be triggered on March 29.

BONUS ITEM: When I grow up, I want to be Mark Higgins:

It’s already a great day. Keep it up.

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