10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. The victims of yesterday’s plane crash at Essendon airport in Victoria yesterday have been named. Veteran Australian pilot Max Quartermain was taking US tourists Glenn Garland, John Washburn, Greg DeHaven and Russell Munsch on the golfing trip of a lifetime to King Island, when their Beechcraft King Super King Air 200 suffered a “catastrophic” failure just after takeoff. Incredibly, no one was hurt at the DFO store hit by the plane.

2. Stocks are poised to open higher after results from retailers including Wal-Mart added to economic confidence and one Fed president said a rate move was “not off the table” next month. Today’s big data point is the wage price index, but we also have house prices in China. The dollar is looking resilient and iron ore is edging ever closer to the magic $100 mark.

3. Credit Suisse recently shared with clients a summary of their “Yearbook” report, which looks at the past 117 years of investment history for 23 countries and how global stock markets have changed in that time. But if you want the at-a-glance- version, it’s this much:

But essentially, the same 23 countries still run the world.

4. Grumpy old nerds the world over today will be muttering about this first shot of a bright-eyed Millennium Falcon crew as principal photography begins on the untitled Han Solo Star Wars Story at Pinewood Studios, London:

Picture: Disney

But at least it has Lando in it.

5. Trump’s China sledging is starting to embarrass the US. His new national security adviser is hawkish on Russia. His lawyer has told four different stories about the Russia-Ukraine “peace plan” debacle. But most importantly, Rory McIlroy just revealed the US president’s golf score after their round at Trump International.

6. Investing in Snapchat? Goldman Sachs reckons revenues in Snap’s first year as a public company could be five times as much as last year. Just remember GS is a lead bank on the IPO, courting investors. Atlantic Equities research analyst James Cordwell wasn’t convinced by the IPO’s London roadshow, and set a $US14 price target for Snap’s stock for the end of this financial year.

7. But if you’re into the user experience side of all things Snap, the iPhone 8 could have a next-generation selfie camera. Morgan Stanley is also telling people future iPhones will have “longer battery life”. Apple shares are up.

8. Remember that time your coworker got the promotion you should have got:

Here’s what you should have done and said instead.

9. Billionaire toys. Right now, if you’re cashed up, you can actually buy and ride a hoverbike that reaches speeds of up to 50km/h. Or an electric watercraft which lets you glide above the water. But just make sure you’ve paid all the bills on your £360 million biggest yacht in the world:

We’re gonna need a bigger bo-… Oh wait. Picture: Getty Images

Or its German builders will impound it in Gibraltar.

10. On Monday, with 10 minutes remaining during Sutton united’s FA Cup match against Arsenal, Sutton substitute goalkeeper Wayne Shaw was seen eating a pie on the sidelines. Today, he resigned, in tears. It turns out Sutton sponsor Sun Bets had 8-1 odds that Shaw would be shown on camera eating and Shaw admitted after the match “he was aware” of the bet. Hope it was a good pie.

BONUS ITEM: The new standard for your kid. No pressure:

Have a great day.

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