10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Finally. Picture: Nike/YouTube

Good morning.

1. Rates! The calls were from all over the globe in the past 24 hours. The Bank of Japan, US Fed and RBNZ – and they all refused to hike. And, as seems to be the default stance right now, all hinted that hikes were coming. When in fact, the US Fed still hasn’t delivered a hike in 2016, despite Fed vice chair Stanley Fischer saying in January that four rate hikes in 2016 would be “in the ballpark”. Whatever. Stocks got another big lift across the globe, which is good, because the ASX has some catching up to do. SPI Futures are up a little and the Aussie is back above 76 cents after the US dollar fell.

2. Donald Trump continues to edge closer to Hillary Clinton thanks to a clever new policy of not saying anything. So all the attention’s on his son, whose “Skittles as refugees” comparison just provoked this withering analysis from Stephen Colbert, Don King, who’s still alive and still using the N word, and the top Clinton aide’s ex, who’s reportedly had a months-long sexting relationship with 15-year-old girl.

3. The one-armed bricklaying robot is back. Fear for your jobs, tradies.

4. Back to the Future. You might remember this tweet from September last year which seemed to promise Marty McFly’s Air MAGS were just weeks away:

They were, in fact about 14 months away, because it was just a teaser. And now that time has come, they look a lot different than those McFly laced up in 2015:

Nike says the tech took 11 years to develop. Here’s how they’ll work.

5. The Financial Times reported that Apple has approached McLaren over a potential takeover. McLaren took about the time it takes a P1 to reach 100km/h to say that was “completely untrue”. Apple refused to comment and was probably busy watching today’s launch of the new Google Allo messaging app and preparing for a new phase in the OS Wars.

6. This is a water bear:

TardigradesIndustrial0MotionArt / YouTubeTardigrades are basically indestructible.

Its proper name is a tardigrade, and it’s about as close as indestructible as an animal can get. They can live without food or water for 30 years, survive boiling and absolute zero temperatures and now we’ve discovered they also have in-built radiation shields. Here’s how scientists hope to unlock that potential in humans.

7. Tardigrades have also shown they can survive in space. Here’s why that’s important – Elon Musk is about to reveal his plans to colonise Mars, using his “Big F..king Rocket”.

8. Tinder has a sociologist, Dr Jess Carbino. And she just told BI’s Shana Lebowitz the one big mistake she made in her profile photo, which apparently is one a lot of people make. But we have a couple of extra tips for you – here’s the simplest way to prevent morning breath, and here’s the best way to impress a room full of blokes:

Didn’t spill a drop.

9. Of course, we’re all concerned for the kids at the centre of the Brangelina break-up. But what about the real estate? There are at least four luxurious properties the couple’s agent is salivating over and prepping a wicked retirement on, but the best is the family’s huge historic estate in the south of France, Château Miraval. They rented it in 2008 and loved it so much, they bought it in 2012 for $US60 million. Try 485ha, moat, 35 bedrooms dirt bike course and the only rosé to make Wine Spectator’s 2013 top 100 list. There’s more on that and the three other properties here.

10. This seems… excessive. Scania had 14 trucks drive in a giant, 7 hectare circle in the middle of a deserted airfield to make a giant clock when viewed from above:

To make the second hand, trucks had to drive in a perfect circle every 60 seconds for 24 hours. All to show how reliable their trucks are. And you can watch it live.

BONUS ITEM: Let’s selectively edit a little and make fun of Trump followers today:

Because we can.

Have a great day.

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