10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. To markets, where the S&P finished its 29th consecutive day trading in less than a 1% daily range. Greg McKenna’s getting that wound-up rubber band feeling about it all over at 6 Things, but for now, SPI futures traders think today could be better after yesterday’s falls with the September futures contract up 15 points overnight. The Aussie dollar is near 77 cents, and here’s a chart that explains in very simple terms why the Aussie dollar remains so well supported, and will probably continue to be for some time.

2. The Olympics was all about failure last night. For starters, Australian swim couple Emma McKeon and Josh Palmer’s failure to meet the village curfew. Palmer is now taking a dangerous road and talking about how he was robbed at gunpoint. They’ll both fail to turn up at the Closing Ceremony, because they’ve been banned from it. US swim star Ryan Lochte failed to tell the truth about his robbery, and he’s in big trouble. Kyrgystan weightlifter Izzat Artykov failed a drug test and became the first athlete in Rio to be stripped of a medal because of it. And the US women’s 4x100m relay team failed to hang on to the baton. But fortunately, possibly because they’re American stars, they’ve been handed a second chance to get it right.

3. On the winning side, our sailors Will Ryan and Matt Belcher fell in the water at Rio’s Guanabara Bay, didn’t die, and went on to win silver in the 470 class. And UK brothers Alistair and Jonny Brownlee dominated the men’s triathlon final, winning gold and silver. But this thing about being matey to the end is getting really stale in 2016:

Come back, arrogant w..kers speaking in third person, all is forgiven.

4. For the fans. Spotify has a bit of an exclusive – today it launched a four-part documentary series about Metallica’s early days. It features exclusive interviews, rare footage and themed playlists. That’s a bit of a coup considering Lars Ulrich’s stance against everything Spotify stands for. And if you’re into Obi Wan Kenobi, here’s the fanmade trailer for the movie everyone hopes will one day happen.

5. Here’s another great thing to play – our podcast. This week’s Devils and Details special guest is Greg McKenna David Bassanese, chief economist at the $2.5-billion-plus ETF management company BetaShares. We chat with him about Australia’s changing workforce, what central banks are missing, and our favourite data. You can find the show here on iTunes, or listen to it below:

6. Do car companies know something we don’t? It’s been a big week for announcing your driverless car with both Ford and BMW claiming 2021 as the year they’ll have autonomous vehicles on the road. Daimler, Toyota, Nissan and the maker of several big European brands are saying 2020 is the benchmark. But today, it’s Uber’s turn, announcing a partnership will Volvo that could speed things up a bit. As in, by the end of this month. Here’s our interview with CEO Travis Kalanick explaining how that’s going to happen.

7. And if you thought waking up in the morning to find your Tesla has been fitted with Ludicrous Mode would be great, here’s Matthew DeBord finding the one time it isn’t.

8. Scientists have found a way to scrape 500 years of goo off manuscripts written by the Mixtec people of the Americas, without damaging them. That means we’ve now got an unprecedented look at what was going on just before Europeans arrived, and maybe even the first recordings of that event. But best of all – and sorry if this comes across as disrespectful, but it can’t be denied – it’s revealed the Mixtecs were awesome cartoonists:

Codex selden mayan manuscript palimpsestBodleian Library/Wikimedia CommonsThe surface image of the Codex Selden.

9. Also winning for Australia is Atlassian. Back in 2015, both Atlassian and its rival Slack snapped up video chat startups Jitsi and ScreenHero, respectively, with the promise of building video straight into their chat apps. In March 2016, Slack said it was ready to start testing video chat, but so far, it’s only delivered audio. Today, Atlassian is officially the quickest on the draw – HipChat for PCs, Macs, and the browser now has real, on-the-fly video conferencing that you can activate from your desk. Here’s why that’s important.

10. Have you ever played an invisible world’s tiniest violin for a whiny friend? Now you can play a real world’s tiniest violin, with two fingers. Thanks, technology.

BONUS ITEM: In a week of sporting excellence, Gizmodo, take a bow, for dredging this up:

Have a great weekend. Go the Boomers (tomorrow, 8am).

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