10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. Prince is dead. He was found in his home, aged 57, but details of how the pop superstar passed away are yet to be released. We do know his plane made an emergency landing a couple of days ago, and he had been suffering from the ‘flu from a couple of weeks. He was found unresponsive in an elevator at his $US10 million Minnesota estate. The tributes were kicked off by the President of the United States:

the $400 tickets were sold out in an hour

2. He left behind some of the great celebrity stories as well. Here’s a classic about the time he rented NBA star Carlos Boozer’s Beverly Hills home and decided to renovate it without asking, in various shades of purple. “Booz” was annoyed… then not so much when Prince gave him $US1 million to fix it back when he left. Here’s a few more links from our coverage:

That one about looking for Prince songs online will make anyone whose still got the CDs smile.

3. Iron ore’s gone so ballistic, this story has a picture of a rocket in it. It’s back above $70 a tonne – an 84% rise since early December. Even the chart’s smiling:


4. No joy today for the ASX though. Nymex crude is down 1.7%, Brent fell 2.27%, the Aussie lost 0.64%, and the Canadian dollar was down around 1%. The June futures contract fell 29 points, 0.6%, after the S&P 500 dipped back by around half a per cent last night.

5. Oops. Google missed on earnings, and stock is down 6%. It was all about paid clicks, CFO Ruth Porat said – how many and how much each was worth. And Microsoft wasn’t exactly stellar.

6. So, the 60 Minutes crew is home after trying to “save” a couple of kids for their mum. Now the mum has had to relinquish custody of the kids, who are probably traumatised, along with their grandmother, from an attempt to kidnap them. The alleged kidnappers are still in a Beirut jail, facing life there. And it from the looks of this receipt scored by Fairfax, Channel Nine stumped up the $69,000 which inflicted this misery on everyone:

The payment document suggesting Nine paid the team behind the Beirut drama that led to a 60 Minutes team being detailed. Source: <a href=’http://www.theage.com.au/world/channel-nine-transferred-cash-to-child-abduction-company-documents-show-20160421-gobwsq.html’>Fairfax Media</a>.

But at least the crew are happy and on the booze:

Our @60minutes9 team begin to make their way home to Australia. #60Mins

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7. NASA just kickstarted the race to build homes on Mars. This is getting serious.

8. PayPal decided to create a panel dedicated to discussing “gender equality and inclusion in the workplace.” A good idea in theory, except for one fairly major issue. Can you spot it?

Paypal unity poster

9. Conor McGregor sent waves through the fighting world when he announced that he was retiring from fighting with this appalling apostrophe on Tuesday:

took this huge, entertaining swipe at the UFC machine in the process

10. Moving on to sport, Canadian high school basketball star Jonathon Nicola has been touted as a possible NBA draft pick. Which was great up until the moment the “17-year-old” was accused of actually being 30, and arrested. An ESPN has published a huge 12,000 word report of what the Sam Hill’s going on with Tiger Woods, which includes this scathing anecdote about how he hung with Navy SEALs, but didn’t pay for their lunch.

BONUS ITEM: We haven’t looked after our UFO conspiracy theorists for a while. Here’s a live feed from the ISS a couple of days ago:
Have a great weekend. Spin some Prince discs on your Kenwoods.