10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Hold onto those ropes. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning. Three sleeps!

1. First, to markets, and the big news – Greg McKenna has written his final 6 things Australian traders will be talking about this morning for Business Insider. We’ll miss him. Especially his summary of markets in the morning, which are an easy rip for this column when trying to sound like it belongs in a finance publication. For example, today:

The March SPI futures contract is down 8 points this morning suggesting a mildly weaker start. But with a new high for the year, the buyers might keep on pushing.

Good bloke, that Greg McKenna. Follow him on Twitter.

2. Trump is unpopular. His approval rating is the lowest of any incoming president in nearly 25 years. And after election counting wound up last night, we know he lost the popular vote by by nearly 3 million. The Donald had a good old rage at that last night:

He’s right, of course, despite media bleating to change the system. Not only does having to campaign differently in different states require a much more sophisticated strategy, it also ensures all American voices are heard and their needs recorded – not just 40 million Californians. The system in 2020 will work just as fine for a Democrat candidate who hasn’t disappeared up their own backside as it did for Trump.

3. Remember Richard Marx? No? All you need to know is he wrote the kind of rock songs you put on a cassette and sent to your girl in the late 80s. And that yesterday, he was the first to help subdue a crazy guy who went crazy for four hours on a Korean Air flight. Here’s his tweet with a pic of him holding a rope:

Marx says he’s “not a hero”. And just to prove he’s already moved on, here’s his latest tweet on how he’d prefer to be remembered:

4. The NYPD has identified that guy who was caught on camera helping himself to $US1.6 million worth of gold flakes:

His name is Julio Nivelo and he is 53 years old. Julio, if you’re reading this, please bring back the bucket of gold.

5. While we’re remembering things, here’s the price of bitcoin:

And because it never gets old, here’s our biggest story of November 7, 2013:

A currency for clowns.

6. UBS thinks investors are wondering if Apple has lost its mojo. Smartphone sales have slipped behind the smartphone market growth as a whole and no one can be sure whether the 2017 iPhone will be an other incremental update or groundbreaking release. Cue news just in – leaked documents suggest Apple will launch a premium iPhone codenamed “Ferrari” next year.

7. But Apple, schmapple. Pretty much everyone is familiar with both Microsoft and Apple products these days, as well as Apple and Android products. That’s why Matt Weinberger says the whole “Mac vs. PC” thing is so over, and “Android vs iPhone” is close behind.

8. Room with a view. This is not really a Rogue One spoiler, just an interesting insight into how much its creators cared for Darth Vader’s character. For the first time, we get to see Vader’s house – and it’s not an unwinding kind of retreat. To chill, crispy Vader relaxes in a healing bacta tank in a spherical room amid the lava fields of the planet Mustafar. And this is what he looks at, all day:

Anakin becomes vaderLucasfilmPicture: Lucasfilm

The spot where he didn’t listen to Obi Wan and jumped instead.

9. End of year work reviews are awful. But sometimes, you get a good one. One that makes you think, “hey, if I’m so great, where’s my raise?” In 2017, don’t think it, say it. But in a clever way, like:

I’m really glad that you’re happy with the work that I’m doing. What else do I need to do to be considered for an increase in pay?

We’ve got a couple of other good strategies right here to make sure you’re happier and richer at work in 2017.

10. But never say these 6 things to your boss.

BONUS ITEM: The Credit Bank of Moscow has no idea why their Christmas ad is upsetting peeps:

Have a great day.

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