10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Photo: Wolverine/ IMDb.

Good morning.

1. To markets, and the Aussie dollar collapsed from its strong showing above 77 cents yesterday after the ludicrous jobs data dropped. It’s beyond a joke now, and needs to be fixed, says Paul Colgan. Oil also got smashed after Igor Sechin, the CEO of Russia’s largest oil company, Rosneft, bravely defied his president and said no, we can ramp up output. But it didn’t hurt energy stocks in the US and everything ended on a whimper. The December SPI 200 is off just 1 point suggesting a quiet end to the week for the ASX overall – but not for BHP.

2. That’s because BHP executives sitting on Samarco’s board have had a pretty torrid year since the company’s tailings dam in Brazil collapsed last year. But not as torrid as those Brazilians who lost 19 family members in the flood, and now those BHP executives are among 21 facing between 12 and 30 years in jail after they were charged with homocide.

3. Donald Trump will accept the result of the US election. “If I win,” he said, which was actually a bit funny. Stephen Colbert, who knows funny, wasn’t so easily impressed. And the washup from the final debate – Clinton maintains a huge lead on our updated electoral projection map.

4. Also dangerously entertaining is Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte. (Except allowing innocent people to be murdered isn’t funny.) In China overnight, he doubled down on his threat of decoupling from the US:

“I will not go to America anymore. We will just be insulted there. So time to say goodbye my friend.”

Then, just to make sure his contempt wasn’t misinterpreted, Duterte launched into an impression of a rowdy American to show how they have larynxes “not adjusted to civility”.

5. You’re not a millionaire and it’s all your fault because you’re making these 11 mistakes. Fix them now, and cash in*.

6. Oh, Nintendo. Details of its new console dropped overnight. It’s called Switch and it’s gorgeous:

Nintendo needs to make up for the Wii U disaster and it’s hard to see this not selling a bajillion. Nailed it.

7. Meanwhile, Microsoft crushed earnings thanks, once again, to growth in its cloud and productivity services. Stock was up over 4% on the solid beat. And over in hardware world, Razer showed us its new monster laptop which it says will “eradicate” all other laptops. That’s why it will cost you at least $US3699.

8. If you’re a person, you’ll have a drawer of new batteries mixed with old batteries which didn’t work but you thought maybe something went wrong somewhere else and they actually have a bit of charge left. They don’t. But here’s a brilliant, ridiculously simple way to find out.

9. Hugh Jackman is back for his absolutely, definitively last time as Wolverine. At least the trailer is great – it’s got Johnny Cash in it for starters. And Jackman at times looking like he’s turning into Mel Gibson as he gets older:

10. Forget Faraday Future. Henrik Fisker actually has runs on the board when it comes to creating great cars. Well, great-looking cars. His Karma range almost beat Elon Musk’s first Tesla to production – but it also had a habit of bursting into flames. That wasn’t battery-related though and Fisker is about a week away from taking the wraps off his second coming. He reckons battery tech in the new model will see it power past the 640km range, and released this sweet silhouette teaser pic:

BONUS ITEM: Bill Shorten can roast. He should do it more often:

Have a great day.

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