10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Skinny jeans are worse than dirty jeans. Picture: Getty Images

1. Greece! We didn’t get the best option, which was a deal, but it looks like we got an in-principle agreement to do a deal. Euro finance leaders are pushing forward for a resolution by Thursday, according to EC president Tusk and the Greek PM says it could be signed off within 48 hours.

2. That points towards what could be a great day for the local stock market, given the almost 4% rally on the continent, almost 2% rally in the UK and the rallies on Wall Street. Futures are already up 31 points overnight and the price action yesterday — early fall rebuffed by the bulls — suggests there is some underlying support coming back into the markets.

3. Datawise, it’s a decent day in Oz, with the ANZ’s weekly consumer confidence index, ABS house prices for Q1 and the conference board’s leading indicator of economic activity. But the big news will be the “flash” manufacturing PMIs in the next 24 hours by HSBC and Markit. That’s China today, where we might see how deep this economic swoon is, then releases in Europe and the US, where tonight we also get durable goods.

4. You forget to check for cats. Cat videos make us happy – science says so. And this one of the moment the pilot of a light aircraft realises he took off with a cat on his wing is an excellent, and timely, example. Here’s his priceless reaction:

Read all about it and watch the full video here.

5. Get rich quick. Self-help books are great but who has time for all that reading? Ugh. But wait, good news – there are several concise books loaded with valuable information about accumulating wealth that you could start and finish in an afternoon. Here’s 11 short books to get stuck into, pronto.

6. Australian terrorists killed. Mohamed Elomar and Khaled Sharrouf gained infamy with a series of taunting tweets from the Middle East about fighting with ISIS. Now a source says they’ve been killed by a drone strike. One guy breathing a sigh of relief is the real Australian Khaled Sharrouf, who’s had to deal with more hate messages on his Twitter feed than anyone should. Here’s his tweet after the other Sharrouf posted a pic of his 7-year-old son holding a severed head:

Khaled told us the harassment’s died down now and he “hasn’t received any hate messages” so far today.

7. Meetings. They’re so bad you’d actually rather be working. Workplace expert Lynn Taylor says poorly run meetings are a pandemic and the only thing new technology has done is changed the venue. If they’re still an annoying distraction for you, here’s a fantastic post about to get out of them early without offending anyone.

8. The best pizza in the world combines ham, pepperoni, salad, kebabs and french fries. Look:

The Vulcan. You know you want to. Picture: Nya Gul & Bla/Facebook

It was born out of a customer request in Sweden and is now flying off the shelves at Nya Gul & Blå pizzeria. At $23.50, it looks like the perfect way to end a big night. And because you’ll need it, here’s the 3 key things you need to keep an eye on if you want to properly lose weight.

9. Skinny jeans are deadly. Doctors have revealed the case of an Adelaide women who ended up in hospital after she spent hours squatting in skinny jeans while helping a relative move house. The doctors found damaged muscle and nerve fibres in her lower legs as a result of prolonged compression from the tight pants. And it applies to hipsters, too.

10. So you’re gushing blood and you don’t know how to stop it? A 17-year-old inventor has the fix you’ve been calling for in increasingly faint, alarmed tones. It’s a quick squirt of polymer paste that congeals your blood in under 12 seconds and there’s an amazing demonstration here that we’ll let you choose to watch when you’re not eating.

BONUS ITEM: Rabbit versus Snake. Rabbit… WINS!

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